How to Convert WordPerfect to Microsoft Word Document

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How to Convert WordPerfect to Microsoft Word Document

You have a WordPerfect file to be converted to Microsoft Word format, and you don’t know how to do it. This Techspirited extract will help you do just that.

WordPerfect to Word
WordPerfect failed to conform to various Windows functionalities such as function key, mouse, and menu. This led to drastic reduction in the usage of this file format.

A word-processing software developed by Corel which consists of files with the .wpd extension is called WordPerfect. Word processors are mainly designed for the purpose of typing. WordPerfect is one such word processor which can work without a mouse. That is to say, using a mouse is optional. WordPerfect is mostly used for legal documents. However, support costs for WordPerfect are higher as compared to MS Word. Conversion from WordPerfect to Word is preferred because of better MS Word features such as file protection, in-built templates, and lower costs to list a few.

WordPerfect Lightning

Corel has developed a software called ‘WordPerfect Lightning’ for opening and viewing WordPerfect files. This application can read files, take notes, or act as a word processor too. It is a part of WordPerfect Office Suite Software.

How to Convert WordPerfect Document to Microsoft Word Document
WordPerfect file has to be first converted into a word file, in order to open it in Microsoft Word. Converting it to a .doc format allows file access through any Microsoft Word version.

Method I (Renaming the .wpd file)

  1. Place the .wpd file on your computer. (in any desired drive)
  2. Right-click the saved file ► Click on the ‘Rename’ option from the menu that opens up.
  3. Enter the name of file with .doc extension.
  4. Double-click the saved file. These are the steps to convert the .wpd file into .doc file type.

TIP:  Files from removable disks or email account need to be saved onto the computer.

DON’Ts:  Do not save the file with .docx extension as not all versions of Microsoft Word can open .docx files.

Method II (Opening .wpd file from MS Word)

  1. Run Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on the File menu ► Open
  3. Select ‘All Files’ in the file type dropdown list.
  4. Browse through the ‘Open’ window to locate the file.
  5. Click on the desired file icon. (This selects the file) ► Click on ‘Open’.
  6. Click on ‘Save As’ ► Select the ‘Save as type’ (.doc), which depicts the file extension. These steps convert the .wpd file into .doc file type.

In case we have a lot of .wpd files to be opened as .doc files, we’ll need a permanent setting for that. Set the default file format such that the computer opens .wpd files in the default format (.doc).

Method III (Setting MS Word as Default Program)

  1. Place the .wpd file on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the saved file ► Click on ‘Open With’ option from the menu that opens up.
  3. Click on ‘Choose Default Program’ option.
  4. Select the default program from the ‘Open With’ window.
  5. Select Microsoft Word.
  6. Check the check-box ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’.
  7. Click ‘OK’.

All the .wpd files will henceforth open in Microsoft word. This setting saves us the hassle of converting the file to .doc extension.

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