How to Change Your Homepage

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How to Change Your Homepage

A homepage is the first page which opens by default when you open your web browser. If you are completely clueless about how to change your homepage on web browsers, this article will show you the way.

A user is granted access to the world wide web, through a web browser. Naturally, the first thing you do, after you are connected to the Internet, is open your web browser and type in a web addresses or access bookmarks to open your favorite web pages. Usually, to save time, it helps if the web page you regularly access, is set as your browser’s home page. It makes it easy for a user to access web resources by setting a search engine like Google as his homepage. In this Techspirited article, I show you how to change your homepage on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, which are three of the most used web browsers on the Internet.

For most people, including me, the chosen homepage for a web browser is Google. Considering the reliability and multiple facilities offered by the search engine, it is the natural choice for anybody looking for information on the Internet. It may be that you landed on this webpage from search results in Google! If you are new to using the Internet and are not familiar with the inner working of web browsers, the information on homepage change, presented in the following lines, will definitely be a useful read. Let us begin with the most used browser on the Internet, which is Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

One of the most complete browsers on the Internet is Mozilla Firefox. It not only renders any web page type beautifully, but also provides several other services through ‘Add-Ons’, which can be easily installed. Here’s how you can change the homepage on Mozilla Firefox.

  • Connect to the Internet and open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Open the webpage, which you plan to make your homepage, by typing in its URL in the address box of the browser. Make sure no other tabs are open.
  • Once the page opens, click on the ‘Tools’ tab, which you see at the top left hand side.
  • In the drop down list that opens, click on ‘Options’.
  • Immediately, a window will open which grants you access to the Internal settings of Firefox.
  • First, make sure that you have chosen ‘Show My Homepage’ option, next to ‘When Firefox Starts:’.
  • In that window, under the ‘Main’ tab, you will see a box, with the web address of the current homepage.
  • To change the homepage, click on ‘Use Current Page’ option. With that, the page currently open in your web browser will become your browser’s home page.

Google Chrome

Google’s very own Chrome browser is one of the most lightweight and fastest browsers on the Internet. Currently the beta version of this browser is the only one that offers voice search on Google. Here’s the stepwise procedure for changing homepage on this lightning fast browser.

  • Connect to the Internet and open the Google Chrome browser. Open the page, which you plan to turn into your homepage. Copy its web address, by selecting it in the browser window, using ‘Ctrl+C’.
  • Click on the ‘wrench’ symbol at the top right end of the browser interface.
  • In the drop down list which opens, click on ‘Options’.
  • Immediately a new tab will open with the heading saying ‘Basics’.
  • Under that tab, choose the ‘Open Homepage’ option, next to ‘On Startup’.
  • Below that, choose the ‘Open this page’ option and type in the web address of the website, which you plan to make your homepage or paste it directly using ‘Ctrl+V’.
  • Close the tab, to save settings. With that, your new homepage is set on Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer

The default browser for many Windows OS users is Internet Explorer. Changing your homepage on this browser is extremely easy. Here’s how you can go about it.

  • Get connected to the Internet and open the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Type in the web address of the page you plan to turn into your new home page and let it load. Don’t open any other new tab.
  • Click on the ‘Cog’ icon at the top right hand side of the Internet Explorer interface or press ‘Alt+X’.
  • Click on ‘Internet Options’ in the drop down list which appears.
  • In the window which will consequently open, under the homepage section, click on ‘Use Current’. Click on ‘Apply’ and then click on ‘Ok’ to save settings.
  • With that, your new homepage is set on Internet Explorer.

That concludes this short tutorial explaining how to set a new homepage on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. By following the instructions presented above, you will be able to change your home page within seconds. Most people will choose to make a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing as their default homepage, as it facilitates easy search for information. By organizing your bookmarks properly, you can directly access all your favorite websites, without typing in a web address. Hope this article has left no doubt in your mind about how the task of homepage change can be easily accomplished.

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