How to Cancel Xbox Live

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How to Cancel Xbox Live

Done squandering your time and money? No idea about how to cancel Xbox Live membership? This article talks about some simple methods to cancel your account, and subsequently save some money.

Recent times haven’t witnessed a better subsidiary online multi-player gaming service than Xbox Live. It might occur to you that one of the best gaming consoles in the world, Microsoft Xbox 360, might require a lot of slogging, in order to cancel your account, but trust me, it’s as easy as ABC. You’d be needing Xbox Dashboard, though. Coming to that later, let me tell you that if you’re done paying for your subscription each month, and are tired of mourning over your credit card bills, all you need to do is stop Microsoft from rebilling during the billing cycle that is to follow. Struggle no more learning the way, for you just need one method to cancel the very pay service that requires downgrading your membership account to the free Silver Membership.

Method One

Now to start with, like I mentioned above, you need to go to the Dashboard menu, and click on My Xbox. Select the profile, Xbox Live Gold Membership, that you want to cancel. When that’s done, on the player profile menu, click on Manage Account, which will take you to account management. Select Memberships, followed by Modify Membership from the menu. Lastly, click on Unsubscribe, from the options you’re given, and your Gold Membership will be canceled. Not only will it stop rebilling, it would also slump down your Gold Membership account to the Silver Membership one.

Method Two

This is preferably, a better method, as it doesn’t involve any kind of straying. The simpler method is, contact the helpline number, and file a request to cancel your Gold Membership subscription. The universal customer care number for Xbox Live account related queries is available online. The customer care executives will let you know after a while that your Gold Membership account has been changed to Silver Membership one, and that you are no longer going to be charged.

Method Three

Well, if none of the above works for you, you can still cancel Xbox Live by changing your Auto-Renew status, by visiting the account management page of Xbox’s official website. Sign in by entering your email-ID and Password. After you’ve signed in, click on Management Level, which will show your Automatic Renewal status, which is ON. Switch it off. This is where pop-ups will try to entice you by popping out various offers, often attractive, just so that you do not cancel your account. Reject those offers, and go ahead. When your account will stop auto-renewing, it would no more renew your account without your permission.

I agree Xbox 360 games are something you cannot get enough of, but if bills are a perpetual disappointment, you might as well suspend your account for a while.

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