How to Bid on eBay

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How to Bid on eBay

Are you at your wit’s end figuring out how to bid on eBay and win? We’ll tell you the best way, so that you’re well-versed with all the sniping basics of bidding and winning on this mammoth website.

Whoosh, eBay! The hottest destination for auctions on the World Wide Web. The world has witnessed some exceptionally interesting stories about the rich, who smartly bought an item at an extremely low price, and some heart-wrenching instances of inane deals by ignorant users. Howbeit, eBay is, by far, the best platform to shop. eBay auction sellers are enticed by the wide platform for their products, along with the likelihood of gaining huge profits as a result of the bidding mayhem that happens on the website.

So, which type of bidder are you? The one looking for the lowest price for a product? Or the one looking for a product that’s worth a reasonable price? Or are you the type of bidder that, even on a budget, wants to get the product by hook or by crook? While you figure out what kind of bidder you are, I’ll let slip the easiest way of bidding and winning on eBay. The very first tip is, every second matters.

How to Bid on eBay: Winning at the Right Price

Brushing your know-how about the product you have your eye on is, perhaps, the first step to buying on eBay. Ensure the product you’re bidding for exists, and is not a fictional item. If you’re aware of it, don’t bid at all. What’s more, many products, though legitimate, have shipping costs that kill you. It’s always advisable to confirm the real costs of shipping with a shipping company located near you. It is then that you’re all set to bid.

  • Don’t just create an account on eBay and start bidding the very first day. It is recommended you track exactly how bidders bid on eBay, how items sell on the site, and what are the costs. When you have an idea about bidding at the last minute, that’s when you can start bidding yourself.
  • Create a PayPal account, in case you don’t have one. Make sure you have a credit card too. This makes purchasing much simpler.
  • What is the product that you want to bid for? Research thoroughly about it. For example, you want to buy an Apple iPhone. Hence, you need to know each and everything about the product, and, not to forget, the approximate price. Rates too high or too low do nothing but make the bidding tricky.
  • Now, the most important thing while bidding on eBay is to keep in mind the timeline. Make sure you bid on only those products that are in the last few hours of bidding. This is, undoubtedly, the best time to bid on eBay. Then, open two browsers at the same time (Internet Explorer and Mozilla for example), and keep refreshing to see the latest bid. For instance, you could refresh your window every 10 seconds to see what the current bid is.
  • Lastly, when the timer shows seconds left for the bidding process to get over, place your maximum bid in the last second by clicking on the tab ‘Place Bid’. Again, without confirming your bid, maximize the second screen, refresh it, and track the bid, ensuring your bid to be the latest.

You know, bidding on eBay is a fun game, if you know how to keep a track of time and bidders. While it may be valuable advice to ensure the credentials of your seller beforehand, what’s even more important is to make sure you do not give your personal information directly to the seller. Give bidding on eBay a go once, and trust me, you’ll enjoy every second in this online shopping battleground.

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