How to Back up Cydia Apps

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How to Back up Cydia Apps

Backing up Cydia apps can be a tricky task for iPhone users. This article talks about some easy ways to do the same.

Upgrading iPhone OS involves a lot of fuss. Every time you want to upgrade your smartphone, you need to create a backup of each and everything present in it, for when you upgrade, you lose all contacts and applications. What’s even more annoying is the fact that, you can easily make a backup of iPhone applications with the help of iTunes syncing, but you cannot create a backup of Cydia apps with the help of iTunes.

Well, today, we tell you the correct process of backing up your Cydia apps and restoring them properly after you’re done upgrading your iPhone or iPad, or whichever Apple gadget you’re in possession of. All you need is an application that is created for backing up all the applications that you’ve fetched from the Cydia store. Even though there are many paid applications in the store, we’re going to be discussing backing up with the help of AptBackup, which is a must have for every iPhone user.

Backing up Cydia Apps: AptBackup

When you know you have a long Cydia app list present on your iPhone, you have no other option but to seek help from a rescuer. AptBackup, from Sleepers, helps you backup and restore these applications. It creates a list, backs it up with the help of iTunes, and then restores it back to your phone. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below, and you can save yourself from losing all your valuable applications, both paid and free.

  • Fetch AptBackup from the Cydia Store, and install it onto your Apple device.
  • Run the application. You’ll realize that there are only two buttons you can click on: Backup or Restore. Let’s say, you want to create a safe copy. So, click on Backup.
  • When you select it, AptBackup will create a list of all the installed applications. Now, sync your device with iTunes.
  • You just created a safe copy of your Cydia applications on your computer. Now, if you wish to upgrade your device, you can do it.
  • If you’re planning to restore all your Cydia applications onto your device, you’d have to install AptBackup again onto your device. Install it, and run it again.
  • Sync your device with iTunes in order to restore the list of apps. This time, click on Restore. Sit idle for a moment while AptBackup restores all your applications onto your device.

This is how you backup Cydia apps. If you own an iPad, the above method follows in a similar manner.

AptBackup is, by far, one of the best you’ll come across, in terms of creating a safe copy.So, try it onto your gadget, and come back here to share your bits.

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