How to Add Sources to Cydia

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How to Add Sources to Cydia

So, you successfully did the jailbreaking of your iPhone? Great. Now, the next step is to learn the correct method of adding sources to Cydia so that you can enjoy unlimited Cydia apps on your iPhone’s otherwise ‘closed’ ecosystem!

A whole new universe of apps? Boy, now that’s what is the next best thing in the iPhone. Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of the iPhone, jailbreaking your device became legal, and you had a hundred new repositories of Cydia apps to flood your iPhone with. The list of applications in Cydia repositories increase everyday, and you have thousands of applications waiting for you to add them into your phone. However, when it comes to Cydia, you need to follow a set of instructions.

For the reason that you’ve dropped your anchor on this page in search for a simple method of adding sources to Cydia, I’m assuming you have already jailbreaken your phone, and now, you’re finding it hard to add Cydia sources to it. Today, let’s make your job a bit easier, and tell you how to add sources to Cydia in just a few minutes. Here’s describing two easy methods of adding Cydia sources to your jailbroken iPhone.

Method 1 (Manual)

As mentioned above, we’re going to be discussing two methods of adding Cydia sources – the manual one and the automatic one. This method describes adding Cydia sources manually, and following are the instructions:

  • Open your iPhone’s Springboard, and locate Cydia. Tap on it.
  • When the Cydia application opens, locate Manage, and tap on it. It is present at the bottom of the menu bar.
  • Clicking on Manage will take you to two options – Packages and Sources. Click on Sources.
  • After clicking on Sources, you will see the list of sources you have installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Locate Edit in the top right corner of your screen, and tap on it.
  • When you click on Edit, you can add any source by clicking on Add in the top left corner.
  • By clicking on Add, you can enter the link of the source in the pop-up that emerges. Make sure you type the link address correctly with not even a single typing mistake. Click on Add Source after you have successfully entered the link address.
  • Wait for the source to get updated, and when you’re done updating, click on Return to Cydia, and check if it is correctly installed or not.

Method 2 (Automatic)

While the above method was to be carried out manually, this method involves automatic addition of Cydia sources in your iPhone or iPod. Here go the instructions:

  • In your iPhone/iPod’s Springboard, locate the Cydia icon, and tap on that.
  • Locate Home in the bottom left corner of the lower menu bar, and tap on that. This will take you to the homepage of Cydia where you will be able to find out more about latest Cydia sources.
  • After selecting Home, click on More Package Sources which will list all sources that are available for installation. Select the source you want to add, and tap on it.
  • Tapping on the source will display all information about that particular source. You now need to locate Install on the top right corner of the screen, and tap on it.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the source to install, and once the installation is complete, tap on Return to Cydia. Check whether the source is successfully installed or not.

You know, even though jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod nullifies the warranty of your device, it is worth the effort. After all, the wonderful world of Cydia has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, and this you will realize only and only when you know how to make full use of your Apple device!

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