How to Activate iPhone 4 on AT&T

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How to Activate iPhone 4 on AT&T

You have been through a mountain of trouble to get your hands on an iPhone 4. But before you can enjoy using it, you need to make one final climb: activate your iPhone 4. This Techspirited article hopes to assist you in this, so that you can enjoy the pinnacle of mobile technology.

Unarguably, the best smartphone to have been launched in recent times, the Apple iPhone 4 is truly a phenomenal product by Apple Computers Inc. If you are planning to buy an iPhone, it is essential that you know how to activate it.

It is important to remember that you cannot activate the iPhone 4 if you do not have an AT&T SIM card with a subscription plan. This is because, AT&T is currently the default service provider for the iPhone in the USA, and the activation is tied in with the subscription. Hence, unless you have a factory unlocked phone, you cannot activate it without using their SIM.

So, after you buy an iPhone, you will need to get an AT&T subscription SIM card to begin with the activation. Once you have the SIM, you can follow the procedure described below to activate your phone.

How to Activate the iPhone 4
For activating the iPhone 4, you will first need to have the latest version of Apple iTunes installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, you can download the application directly from Apple’s website.

As already mentioned, you will need to get an AT&T subscription, with your preferred calling and texting plan. You can even use an existing subscription with AT&T to activate the iPhone. Once you have the SIM cared, install it in your iPhone, and switch it ON. The screen will say ‘Connect to iTunes’.

Turn ON your computer, and get the iTunes application running. You will need to use the USB cable (that comes with the device) to connect it with your computer and to transfer data and activate your iPhone 4. The moment you make the connection, the iTunes application will recognize your iPhone and the activation process will begin.

You will be shown the terms and conditions page, which you must agree with, to move ahead. Next you will be asked for the Apple ID and password, which you will require to purchase music on the iTunes store. If you don’t have one, create an account, and enter the required information to proceed with the activation.

Next, your personal and billing details will be displayed, which you must check and save. With that the activation will be completed, and your iPhone 4 will restart automatically. You can then go ahead and configure your phone for use.

You will get a confirmation for the activation from AT&T, if it’s a new subscription. The activation process typically takes only a few minutes, after which you are free to use all the wide range of iPhone applications.

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