Best Processor For Gaming

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Best Processor For Gaming

What is the best processor for gaming in the market today? If you are looking for an answer to this question, this article has some suggestions for you. Read to know all about some of the best AMD and Intel processors in the market, that can render the most CPU intensive games, quite easily.

The hardware capabilities of your computer are never tested to the hilt, until you go for intensive gaming. Today’s graphic intensive 3D games can only be handled by laptops and desktop computers with high performance processors. If you are into intensive gaming, you need a laptop with a computer processor that has the inherent capabilities to handle heavy duty graphics processing.

How to Choose a Gaming Processor?

When it comes to choosing the best gaming laptop or gaming desktop, you naturally need the best processor that you can get. Today’s 3D games put very high demands on the laptop or desktop computer processor. You need a processor that can handle the high levels of graphic processing load.

First of all, look for a processor which has a clocking frequency greater than 2.5 GHz at least. Go for a multicore processor and preferably a quad core one, that can offer greater levels of multitasking. Look for high L2 cache memory and greater heat dissipation capability. An integrated GPU is essential for any gaming processor, as it helps raise the video card performance to greater heights.

All these features will guarantee that your desktop or laptop computer will be able to render the graphics for your PC video games. Just having a fast processor is not enough of course, you need a powerful video card and at least 2 GB of RAM to do justice to a game. After that short summary of the features that make the best CPU for gaming, let us look at the best computer processors available in the market today.

Which is the Best Processor for Gaming?

When you look at the computer processor manufacturing landscape, there are two giants that rule the roost. They are, as you know, Intel and AMD. As an Intel and AMD processor comparison would reveal, the competition between the two has always been tough. Currently however, Intel is miles ahead because of the recent breakthroughs it has achieved in processor manufacturing technology.

Best Intel Processor (2012)

Unarguably, the best processor on the market when it comes to gaming, is the Intel Core i7-3960X. With 6 cores inside and 12 threads, 3.3 GHz clocking frequency, 15 MB of smart cache and a Turbo Boost frequency of 3.9 GHz, this processor is truly one of a kind. The price of this processor would set it beyond the reach of most computing users, with a price tag of $999-$1059!

This desktop processor with a high performance video card, will make for the most fell gaming beast! Still, this processor is way beyond the reach of most. However, there is no reason to lose heart, as there are plenty of other gaming processors made available by Intel. Here are some of the other desktop processors from Intel that can provide you with a great gaming experience.

  • Intel Core i7-990X (12M Cache, 3.46 GHz, $999-$1059)
  • Intel Core i7-965 (8M Cache, 3.20 GHz, $990)
  • Intel Core i7-980 (12M Cache, 3.33 GHz, $583-$594)
  • Intel Core i7-960 (8M Cache, 3.20 GHz, $294-$305)
  • Intel Core i7-2600K (8M Cache, 3.40 GHz, $317-$326)

Here are the best gaming mobile processors, launched by Intel, designed for laptop computers.

  • Intel Core i7-2960XM (8M Cache, 2.70 GHz, $1096)
  • Intel Core i7-640M (4M Cache, 2.80 GHz, $346)
  • Intel Core i5-2540M Processor (3M Cache, 2.60 GHz, $266-$269)

Best AMD Processor (2012)

Besides these, you can also opt for the more cheaper AMD processors. The best AMD processor for gaming is AMD FX 8150 (price tag: $245), with eight cores. This is AMD’s processor in competition with the Intel Core i7 and i5 processor, but the price difference is substantial. It’s based on the new Bulldozer architecture developed by AMD.

It has a top clocking frequency of a record 4.2 GHz, with an 8 MB L2 and L3 cache! Still, in terms of single threaded and multiple threaded performance, Intel processors are far ahead. Besides this main line of FX chips you could also choose one from the following AMD desktop processors.

  • AMD Phenom II 1100T (6MB, 3.3 GHz)
  • AMD Phenom II 1090T (6 MB, 3.2 GHz)
  • AMD Phenom II 1075T (6 MB, 3 GHz)

Here are the best gaming laptop processors from AMD from the A8 fusion series.

  • A8-3550MX (4 MB, 2 GHz)
  • A8-3530MX (4 MB, 1.9 GHz)
  • A8-3510MX (4 MB, 1.8 GHz)
  • A8-3520M (4 MB, 1.6 GHz)
  • A8-3500M (4 MB, 1.5 GHz)

Most of the best gaming laptops come installed with some of the above suggested Intel and AMD processors. Choose one which offers powerful graphic processing features at a reasonable price, which falls in your budget. If you ask me, if price is no issue, I would go for the core i7 high-end processors, without a second thought, as they are the best in the business.

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