How does a BlackBerry Work

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How does a BlackBerry Work

BlackBerry mobile devices have become an addiction for the lovers of modern communication devices. The popularity of this device has assumed addictive levels, which led to the coining of the term "Crackberry" for this device.

The craze for BlackBerry phones is such that the Webster’s New World College Dictionary included “Crackberry” as its “New Word of the Year” in 2006. BlackBerry is a series of wireless handheld devices that made a modest beginning in the year 1999. Initially, it was a simple bi-directional pager system.

However later, with the latest technological innovations, the device was able to incorporate high-end features like mobile telephony, text services, internet fax application, web browsing on a multi-touch interactive screen, etc. It was developed by Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian firm, to enhance wireless technology features, in tandem with mobile phone operators for a wide range of applications.

Understanding its Working

BlackBerry provides instant web access and emailing facility, a necessity to sustain the demands of the business world. In fact, high profile users like the US President Barack Obama, have known to swear by its usability, which is quick and extensive. Especially, in cases where sending and receiving emails at the earliest can make or break crucial deals, BlackBerry software proves to be of exceptional help. This email functionality is centered around a novel technology called “push” email.

For instance, consider a business email received on the Email Exchange Server at your workplace, which is to be displayed on the handheld device with you. The received message is quickly redirected to BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which acts as an intermediate mechanism between the email server and your wireless mobile service provider. The server forwards this message to the service provider, which further directs the mail to the mobile phone in your possession. As soon as you receive the mail, there is an alert display and you can read the email in the desired format.

In case there is no Exchange server in place, RIM has provided an innovative setup known as BlackBerry Desktop Redirector, which stores all the mails received in the Outlook from diverse email accounts. But, what is it that distinguishes this technology from a conventional PDA or a Pocket PC? Well, the answer lies in its remarkable speed and smooth flow of operations.

Any other device has to be programmed to check with the office server to look for alerts for a message. This includes setting of time and display, in order to detect and get the mails. The process is quite lengthy, and there is a huge time lag between the sending time and the actual reception of the email on the phone.

In case of a BlackBerry, you can be assured of a highly secure and seamless connectivity with all the potential customers, clients, or any other contacts. BlackBerry mobile phones are to be configured only once, as per your requirements, and you can be assured of unrestricted and real-time communication service. Almost all the major cell phone operators in the world offer this service, along with the mobile phone features.

The revolutionary effect of BlackBerry, and its subsequent updating are a highly successful engineering endeavor by humans.

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