List of Free Online Storage Sites

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List of Free Online Storage Sites

There are several websites which offer the feature of storing content online. Such sites differ in the quality of services and the online storage capacity. This article provides information on some of the websites that offer the facility of online storage for free.

Nowadays, computer users are running out of space on their hard disks. This is due to the vast collection of data, which includes documents, images, songs, and videos. The free online storage facility is, by far, the best option for such users. It enables a user to free up space on his hard disk, and allows him to access the content, whenever and wherever he wants. For availing this facility, one needs to register with a website which offers this facility. Due to its popularity, many software companies are coming up with free cloud hosting. This allows the users to upload and store whatever they want, and it is accessible anytime anywhere.

Sky Drive

This domain is owned by Microsoft and offers around 25 gigabytes of storage. The services from this website can be availed if you have a registered account with ‘XLive’ or ‘Hotmail’. To store and upload content, you simply need to drag and drop the files in the online folder. The website includes features like SSL encryption, no third party advertisements, 24/7 uptime, and file history retrieval.

Google Docs

This is the most popular site for storing documents and spreadsheets, which is owned by Google Inc. It enables a user to upload and store approximately 5000 documents and presentations. However, it has file size restrictions of 500 kilobytes for a single document, and up to 2 megabytes for each picture that is embedded in a file. A maximum of 1,000 spreadsheets can be stored with a file range of 200,000 cells or 100 sheets. It provides a feature of locking the spreadsheet, so that other users who access the file would not be able to make alterations. Moreover, the website is also compatible with MS Office.

This website is not open for public use and provides its service only to businesses. It offers PC and mobile access to users, who need to create five separate collaborative folders, before starting to use the service. It provides the facility of storing up to one gigabyte of data and permits you to upload a single file up to the size of 25 megabytes.


This is another useful website, which provides up to 2 gigabytes of space and is compatible with Windows, as well as Mac OS. Furthermore, it permits you to upload files of any type and set an automatic backup schedule.

There are many such websites that are being utilized by users to fulfill their need for data storage.

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