How Do You Download Games from Cydia

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How Do You Download Games from Cydia

Having a tough time trying to download games from Cydia? Here’s a brief write-up on the same which will provide you with the details of downloading procedure involved.

If you thought ‘Cydia experience’ is nothing beyond the apps and themes that this replacement software has to offer, perhaps you have never heard of Cydia games. Even though these games are not as popular as Cydia apps (or Cydia themes for that matter), they have been taking rapid strides in terms of popularity over the last few months. It seems like the fact that jailbreaking is no more considered illegal has come as a boon for developers who can now make their games available alongside apps and theme in various Cydia repositories.

Cydia Games: An Overview

Other than the apps and themes, Cydia has a wide range of games to offer – all of which contribute in making it an apt replacement software for devices with iOS as their default operating system. The list of games available on Cydia includes games which are a part of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Game Boy Advance (GBA) console, among others. For downloading these games you will have to find the emulators of these games, i.e. the software which appears and behaves just like the original hardware to produce similar results, and download them. Some of the best emulators available on Cydia today include gameboy4iphone, snes4iphone, genesis4iphone, etc. As in case of apps and themes, even these games can be downloaded from numerous Cydia sources or repositories.

Download Cydia Games

The process of downloading Cydia games on your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is not much different from the process of downloading apps and themes. You can start by launching the software by clicking on the Cydia icon on your device. You will come across the ‘Sections’ tab alongside the lower panel when the app is launched. When you tap on this ‘Sections’ tab, you will come across a new page which will have categories enlisted on it. As you scroll through the categories, you will come across ‘Sources’ or ‘Repositories’ that you have added to your device. When you tap on a particular Cydia repo, it will guide you to a new list wherein all the apps, themes and games will be arranged in form of categories.

As you scroll along the categories list, you will come across the ‘Games’ tab which will direct you to the section wherein all the games are stored. Tapping on the Games tab will direct you to a new page which will have a list of games that are available on Cydia. You can just scroll through the list and tap on whichever game you want to download. This will guide you a new page, which will have all the details about the game that you have chosen. While some of these games are free, others come for a stipulated fee. On the right hand corner, you will come across a tab which will say ‘Install’ (in case of free games) or ‘Purchase’ (in case of paid games). You just have to tap on whichever of the two tabs (Purchase only when you are keen on opting for paid games), and the game that you wish to install will be installed on to your device within a few seconds.

In mid-2010, the practice of jailbreaking was declared legal by the Federal regulators, and this, as we mentioned before, has contributed to the popularity replacement software like Cydia.

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