How to Delete Friends on Facebook?

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How to Delete Friends on Facebook?

Do you want to remove someone who is an annoying or irritating person from your friends’ list? Learn how to delete friends on Facebook without them knowing about it.

Facebook is an extremely popular online social networking site that people use for social interactions. You are able to make new friends and stay in contact with old ones as well. You can add many people that you know, and even add people who you would like to know more about. However, there are times, when you find some people are not worth being on your friends’ list. The reasons are plenty and personal too, and in such situations, you must be thinking how to delete friends on Facebook. This article will provide you a solution.

Method #1

The first thing to do is log in to your account. Then, you need to type in the friend’s name in the search box. Select the one you wish to remove and visit their profile page. Now, you need to look at the sidebar, which is to the left of the page. Here, you will find three links, the first says ‘Suggest Friends’; the second one says ‘Block or Report Them’; and the last link says, ‘Remove from Friends’. This is the link you need to click on. A pop-up box would be prompted asking you to confirm your request about removing the person from your list, if you have a second about it. If you still want to go ahead, click ‘Yes’. This person will be removed from your list for good.

Method #2

There is another solution for this. All you need to do is click on ‘Friends’ tab that is seen on your homepage. Then, click on ‘All Friends’ tab and you will see the list of your buddies. Click on the ‘Edit List’, and select the one you want to delete. You’ll find the option ‘Remove Friend’. Click on the link. You will be prompted with a pop-up box that would say, ‘Remove Friend’ and ‘Cancel’. If you are sure of your decision, you can remove the person from your list.

Deleting Without the Person Knowing

Facebook does not inform anyone, not even the person you remove from your list, that they are no longer your buddies. They may eventually know while trying to find you in their list, but they won’t receive any notification as such.

How to Cancel a Friend Request You Sent?

It might happen that you send a friend request to someone you know or are interested in knowing. However, they do not accept your request for a long time and you cannot stand ‘Awaiting friend confirmation’, or may be, you realize your folly and think that it would not be wise to have a random person on your list. Then, all you need to do is click on the upper-right tab, ‘Accounts’ and then go to ‘Edit Friends’. Then, type the name of that ‘X’ person you want to cancel your request in the ‘Search Friends’ box. You will be directed to a page that contains the pending request for that person. Just click on the ‘x‘ icon next to the person’s name. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm your ‘Remove request to connect to (X)’. Click ‘Remove’ and your request will be canceled.

I hope you have understood how to deal with this problem. The 1st method is the simplest of all. I hope this will help you remove those annoying people from your list.

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