6 Good Envelope Printing Software

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6 Good Envelope Printing Software

The rising app culture has ensured that there are sufficient software options to simplify literally all everyday tasks. Even the mundane, time-consuming job of addressing a bunch of envelopes to be sent by mail is now a cakewalk, thanks to specialized software, which make it as easy as a few clicks and keystrokes. Techspirited furnishes a list of good software that help you print envelopes.

A Handy Tip

Microsoft Word 2003 (or any higher version) can itself be effortlessly used to print envelopes. All one has to do is to open the ‘Mailings’ tab in the tabbed menu interface, and click on ‘Envelopes’, following which the addresses to be printed need to be typed.

The software also allows users to print a whole batch of envelopes with different addresses with a feature called Mail Merge.

Whether it is sending invitations for a wedding, Christmas cards for the family, or an official company letter that needs to be sent to the recipient via snail mail, one can always make a good first impression on the recipient by printing the address on the envelope, as opposed to writing it by hand.

No, we do not advocate against handwritten letters. In fact, in this computer-savvy age, with most people as good as entirely stopping the practice of writing by hand the moment they graduate high school, a handwritten letter shows thoughtfulness and adds a personal touch to communication. However, in matters of business or formal events where the sender expects mass attendance, one cannot afford to take the chance of appearing non-uniform or unprofessional, which is most probably what will happen if one attempts to physically address 100+ envelopes.

Apart from saving you the embarrassment of shabby handwriting or crookedly written addresses, printing out addresses on envelopes will also save you a lot of time, especially nowadays when various kinds of software are available, which are exclusively designed to optimize this task. The concept of printing envelopes has become so commonplace nowadays, that most of the popular software word processors provide this feature. Nevertheless, making use of a dedicated software will ensure that one is offered the maximum number of flexible options.

We bring to you a list of some of the best software and utility tools that we recommend, for the very purpose of printing envelopes, many of which are even free to download.

Best Software for Printing Envelopes

1. EasyEnvelopes

Developer/Publisher Ambrosia Software, Inc.
Platform OS X only
Cost USD 9.99
Description This handy Mac software provides a customizable envelope template, on which the address to be printed can be selected from the list of contacts, or even manually typed.

Every aspect of envelope printing is handled with sophistication, right from a feature to print a return address on the flap, or a USPS bar code, to printing a whole batch of envelopes, and printing envelopes of different sizes.

Download Link Click here to download this software for Mac OS X.

2. QUICK Envelopes

Developer/Publisher ED/iT, Inc.
Platform Windows only
Cost FREE version is free to download; PLUS and PRO versions (with additional features) cost USD 29.95 and USD 49.95, respectively
Description Following the convenient what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) format, the FREE version of this software for Windows allows users to print addresses of even up to ten lines in length, on envelopes of different sizes. Return addresses can also be printed on the front of the envelope.

Additionally, it has customizable fonts and indentation, permits users to employ a different font for every line of address, and can automatically detect support for envelopes in the connected printer.

Download Link Click here to download this software for Windows

3. SSuite Office – Envelope Printer

Developer/Publisher Van Loo Software
Platform Windows only
Cost Free to download
Description This lightweight tool that is a part of the highly-equipped, free-to-download business software suite, SSuite Office is both independently downloadable as well as portable.

It allows users to print addresses (including the return address on the front or flap) and text labels on envelopes, and is capable of making adjustments even if the printer in question does not support center tray positioning of the envelope.

Download Link Click here to download this software for Windows

4. Star Envelope Printer Pro

Developer/Publisher Starre Enterprises, Inc.
Platform Windows only
Cost Free trial for 30 days, Single User Version costs USD 19.95, Network Edition (upto 5 users) costs USD 60
Description The selling point of this software is its handy, thoughtful features, of course, additional to the basic requirements of an envelope printing software, because of which the task of addressing envelopes is made simpler.

These include the ability to print bar codes and logos, the convenience of looking up Postal Codes over the internet through the software itself, support to print batches of envelopes, a large memory for addresses, and compatibility with a whole host of printer brands and types.

Download Link Click here to download this software for Windows.

5. An EZ Envelope

Developer/Publisher Computer Software Systems
Platform Windows only
Cost Free trial for 30 days, full version costs USD 27
Description Fully equipped for envelope printing (as opposed to tools or utilities that perform specific functions), this software provides users a lot of flexibility.

The features of An EZ Envelope, apart from basic ones, include the availability of a large database capable of storing thousands of addresses, the ability to print special messages on envelopes (for example, “URGENT” or “Happy Birthday!“), and the option of using logos or images in place of return addresses.

Download Link Click here to download this software for Windows

6. Envelope Printer Manager Pro

Developer/Publisher Vic Szamody (Vsi Systems)
Platform Windows only
Cost Free trial for 4 days, full version costs USD 19.95
Description Another powerful and highly capable envelope printing software, Envelope Printer Manager Pro is packed with features that simplify the process of envelope printing.

Apart from customizable envelope size and fonts, this software allows users to import addresses, including files of the .CSV format, or contacts saved in other databases. Return addresses can also be printed on to envelopes. Additionally, this software permits free custom programming.

Download Link Click here to download this software for Windows

Do not hesitate to keep the magic of sending and receiving mail alive just because you are embarrassed to address the envelope by hand. Download one of these or any other readily available envelope printing software, and save yourself the trouble of learning how to utilize the obscure tool that helps you print envelopes in the word processing software you frequently use. These programs make the task of printing envelopes both easy and quick.

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