5 Good Alternatives to iPhoto

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5 Good Alternatives to iPhoto

iPhoto is one of the built-in apps that any Mac computer comes with. It allows one to easily sort and browse through all the images on their system as well as perform minor photo editing. Just like every other app, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Techspirited compiles a list of better alternatives.

Did You Know?

In June 2014, Apple Inc. announced that they have stopped developing the iPhoto app for Mac and iOS in favor of a new app called Photos.

We live in an age where one may take more than a hundred selfies until a satisfactory one is snapped. After which, a good thirty minutes is spent editing the photo before posting it on social media portals. The digital pictures form such an intrinsic part of our lives that any photo app with passable capabilities is an absolute no-no.

Frequent users of iPhoto, the proprietary photo organizer, viewer, and manipulator for Mac (also available for iOS), have mixed opinions about their experiences with it. Some say, it is a phenomenal tool that has completely revolutionized the way they deal with images from myriad sources on their various Apple devices, and others criticize it for the bare minimum photo-editing features it offers.

But that is not the only reason people have started looking for something new. All devices running the recently-released iOS 8 compelled iPhoto patrons to migrate to the new Photos app (which, although brilliant in its own way, handles things in a completely different manner). This gave iPhoto users yet another reason to quickly search for an alternative. An ideal replacement was considered to be an app that combines iPhoto‘s superb skill of procuring images from various apps and folders, online albums, and external/iCloud-linked devices with the ability to edit pictures (at least to the level of applying photo filters and effects if not to the caliber of sophisticated software like Adobe Photoshop). 

Techspirited has put together a list of apps that you can choose from.

The Best Alternatives to iPhoto


Developer: Google

Platform:- Mac OS and Windows


  • Can procure photos from every nook and corner of the users’ computer and display it at one place.
  • Allows users to organize photographs in terms of either Albums or FoldersAlbums can be viewed from within the software only; whereas adding/deleting/moving pictures in Folders affects the actual folder on the user’s computer.
  • Supports facial recognition, and allows users to sort out their pictures on the basis of the faces tagged, with the People setting.
  • Supports a considerable number of photo-editing features right from basic fixes like cropping, brightness and contrast altering, and red eye correction to advanced features like applying filters and effects. If used for editing, the software always preserves original images.
  • Allows users to directly share files by email, or upload them onto Web Albums where up to 1GB of storage space is free.

Cost: Free to download, chargeable storage on Google Drive.

Download Links: Mac/Windows


Developer: LynApp

Platform: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher


  • Comes with a convenient photo browser which can be used to view pictures on the Mac.
  • Procures images from a number of related photo manipulation apps, like Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto, and Aperture, and what’s more, it opens images of literally any file format.
  • Supports geotagging, a feature which allows users to tag their pictures along with the location at which they were clicked, and then view them on a map.
  • Comes with a vast array of photo-editing features, from basic to advanced. It even supports photo editing of raw images, and that too, on the metadata level.
  • Photos can be shared on a number of portals directly from the app, including Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, and Dropbox.

Cost: Free demo version with limited features, full version costs USD 20

Download LinksMac


Developer: Shiny Frog

Platform: Mac OS X 10.7.3 or higher


  • Essentially improves on the best feature of iPhoto- convenient organization of pictures.
  • Supports every possible image format possible including raw formats, and procures images from Mac.
  • Automatically tags images even on the basis of unconventional parameters like color and size.
  • Allows users to sort images into Live Folders where their actual location on Mac will not change.
  • Allows users to take screenshots of specific images or pages.
  • Allows users to conveniently share images on Dropbox, CloudApp, or export them to an external device.

Cost: Full version costs USD 30, trial demo is available for free download.

Download LinksMac


Developer: Pixite LLC

Platform: Mac OS X and iOS


  • Procures images from Mac, and allows convenient organization into Albums.
  • Avoids duplication of images―makes changes to the existing file structure on the computer.
  • Works faster than iPhoto. Also, automatically updates changes made to the images from outside the app.
  • Synchronizes with Dropbox, and also supports direct sharing to social media portals.
  • Supports geotagging of images.

Cost: Free download of the Beta version on Mac, for iOS the app costs USD 2.99

Download LinksMac and iOS

Photoscape X

Developer: MOOII Tech

Platform: Mac OS (Photoscape X), Windows (Photoscape)


  • Allows users to conveniently browse all the images on their computer.
  • Surpasses all the others in terms of photo-editing capability―includes a number of handy photo correction tools as well as filters.
  • Allows users to work on images in batches as well as individually.
  • Allows users to create collages, merge images, and even create animated GIF images.
  • Supports screen capture.
  • Supports direct sharing of pictures on social media platforms.

Cost: Free to download

Download LinksiOS and Mac/Windows

While some of the apps mentioned above allow you to manipulate images on a very detailed scale, right down to its meta tags, others have improved on the basic functionality of image sorting that iPhoto prides itself on. With just a couple of mouse clicks, they also enable users to locate a specific picture they are seeking for, from a muddle of unorganized documents, images, videos, and God knows what. Even iPhoto-loyalists need not fear the ‘dark’ future when this app is no longer in distribution as they have a plethora of options to choose from.

We hope we were able to help you pick out the best alternative app to iPhoto for your computer.

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