Funny Xbox Live Gamertags

This article will give you some funny Xbox Live gamertags, and it will also tell you about some general pointers to remember.
Techspirited Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
If you are a regular gamer on Xbox Live using your Microsoft Xbox 360 console, then you must have come across some really funny gamertags in your time. Gamertags are nothing but simple usernames that people can use when they log on to Xbox Live. Each person's tag is his/her unique identity over the network. This helps other people to identify the person, and it also helps the gamer register his/her scores over the network.
Xbox Live is an online gaming network that any Xbox 360 owner can log on to. Once a person is on this network, he/she can play online multiplayer games against anyone in the world, as long as the other players are also logged on at the same time. When it comes to picking gamertags for the players for the top Xbox Live arcade games and the best Xbox 360 multiplayer games though, people really go over the top.
List of Funny Gamertags
Here are some names that people have seen over the years, and they have amused one and all. You can go ahead and pick any of these as suggestions. If the name clashes with someone else who is registered, you will be notified and will then be required to make some changes to it.
  • DrWoolyNipples
  • AtomicMilkman
  • TheRapist
  • IrritableBowel
  • BarocODrama
  • DuckOnQuack
  • BusterHighman
  • iPood
  • ScreamingHippi
  • IvanaHitabong
  • DeadByDeath
  • BarryMyDead
  • FahqueYanks
  • DeadlyLunchbox
  • VaderWasFramed
  • EpicSalad
  • PerturbedTuna
  • ArguingPolecat
  • TyrannicalDuck
  • PubicInvasion
  • MichaelJackson
  • ANinja'sFart
  • FartyPants
  • Andhole
  • HoldenMagroin
  • CunningLinguist
  • ArrestedAfroMan
  • ThoseAreMyShoes
  • MrKilliwiggles
  • BovineHero
  • TubbyAardvark
  • RigorousLlama
  • GotCornInMyPoop
  • FriedChicken
  • EaseUpOffMe
  • YouHaveSwineFlu
  • CrouchingNoob
  • JackNipples
  • YourHopesAndDreams
  • NoOne
  • YourselfIdiot
  • SheaVinnerbush
  • PatMcCrotch
  • MasterDebater
  • DickWithNoBalls
  • GeezerForSale
  • BarackOprahma
  • ToiletSteak
  • YourEntireTeam
  • HairyNScary
  • PumpActionCracka
  • AssPoundin
  • SweatyBanana
  • Boomshakilaka
  • KiddyFiddler
  • YourStupidity
  • BleachedAnus
  • MajorPain
  • Fumcace
  • FrodoFraggins
  • ABeaverBanger
  • RuckingFetard
  • GoEasyPlz
  • BeefComboPlatter
  • WombatNipples
  • Klitler
  • SinisterYogurt
  • FatBlokeFat
  • BarfMuch
  • MessyUnderpants
  • ButterNuggets
  • NunchukNuts

People who are learning how to hook up Xbox Live should know that coming up with a unique gamertag is a mandatory requirement. You can change your gamertag whenever you want, but many people use the same one for years as it becomes their identity. When you are coming up with funny gamertags, you must remember that there is a fine line between humor and disgust. You will get a maximum limit of 15 characters, so you must pick your gamertag wisely. If the moderator of the group you are playing with does not like your gamertag, it is completely in his/her power to ban you. So, if you want to get some playing done, we suggest that you pick one with some common sense in mind. With than in mind, here are some tips that you must keep in mind when you are exploring funny ideas.
  • Do not pick numbers in your gamertag.
  • Do not copy someone else's gamertag by simply changing a few characters here and there.
  • Try not to be obscene and disgusting.
  • Try not to adopt extremist and fundamentalist ideas in your gamertag.
  • Try not to confuse people by putting in cryptic symbols.
  • Try to play with words and puns.
  • Try to be as original as you can.
With the help of these tags, you can ensure that anyone you play against remembers you in the future. Word spreads fast in this community, and if you have a uniquely funny name, more and more will come to know about it. This will lead to more invitations for games, so this is not a completely useless venture. You must also keep in mind the message that pops up on the other players' screens with your name on it. Some of the most common messages in Xbox 360 games are "You have killed (gamertag)", or "You have been killed by (gamertag)". Think about it and you will see how amusing it will be for the other person to read something "You have killed a_beaver_banger", or "You have been killed by dr_wooly_nipples".
There are plenty of tags that you will come across from time to time, and you can derive inspiration from these. Being original and creative is the key, and the funniest gamertags are the ones that are remembered by every gamer.