Funny Answering Machine Messages

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Funny Answering Machine Messages

Thinking of having some fun with your callers while you are away? Here are some funny answering machine greetings and messages. Take a look.

Answering machines have worked wonders by enabling telephone owners to respond to their callers, even while they are physically away. Thanks to these answering machines, we can request our callers to leave their contact details with the machine, so that we can easily get back to them. How about adding a fun element to your answering machine messages and sharing a few laughs with your callers! Here is a list of some funny messages and greetings for answering machines.

Hello. Say something quickly, I don’t have time!

Hi, I am a machine. If you hate talking to me, why have you called?

I am, you-know-who. Leave your, you-know-what and you-know-when. Bye bye.

I am not at home but my answering machine is. You can talk to my machine for some time. I have no issues.

Hi, I am (specify your name)’s answering machine. I know what you want to say. So, you can hang up.

You know what I hate about answering machine messages? They go on and on, wasting your time. All they need to say is that the owner is away and then request you to leave a message. I have never understood why they take so long to convey simple messages. I have decided to keep my message short and sweet. All I am going to say is a cordial “Hi” followed by a request to my caller to leave his/her name and number. I hope other answering machines also adopt my answering strategy. And all you callers will be relieved from listening to those long and boring messages.

Hi. You have reached (specify your name)’s residence. The family members are deciding whose turn it is to pick up the phone. Till then, you can talk to me. I am their answering machine.

Greetings. I am sorry to say this, but you have reached a nonexistent number. I request you to turn your handset upside down and try again.

Hello. I am busy right now. You can leave your name, number, and message with my machine but I do not guarantee that I will call you back.

You thought you were making just another call. No, you were not. You have called (specify your name)’s answering machine. Not everyone gets a chance to speak to me. You have got this golden opportunity. So use it to the fullest!

Hi. You have reached (specify your phone number). But, I don’t understand why?

Greetings. We are not at home right now. So leave a message. We will get back to you when you are not at home and leave a message with your answering machine. Now, that’s called ‘tit-for-tat’!

We might be in, we might be out, but leave a message and you might find out!

Hello. We are in the middle of a family fight. Leave your name and number after the beep. Whoever wins the fight will call you back.

Hey dude. I have noticed, you call me quite often these days. What’s the matter, buddy?

Testing 1…, 2…, 3. This is a test of the Answering machine broadcast system. It is only a test.

Hi. We are extremely busy right now. If you leave your name and number with our machine, you may have some chances of getting our call.

Greetings. You are requested to leave your name, number, and message. But, it’s not a compulsion. You still have a right to remain silent. However, if you choose the first option, everything you say will be recorded and used by us. The decision is yours.

We are in the middle of a discussion on how to tackle irritating callers who keep calling us when we are unavailable and leave messages on our answering machine. We can’t take your call now. Sorry.

Hi. I am (specify your name)’s answering machine. What are you?

My owner is neither busy nor away. He is very much free to take your call. But he does not want to take it. I am his answering machine. You can leave your name, number, and message with me. I doubt, if he will ever call you back. But don’t lose hope.

You can add the flavor of fun and humor to your telephone calls through the use of funny voice mails and answering machine messages. You can devise some innovative voice mail ideas for your answering machine. Just make sure that you do not hurt the sentiments of your callers in any way. Keep the humor healthy and your callers are sure to have a hearty laugh and appreciate your wit.

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