How to Get the Best Cydia Apps for Free: FREE? Yes, That’s Right!

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How to Get Free Cydia Apps

Just because some things come for free, it doesn’t mean they are of no use; free Cydia apps best exemplify this rule. In fact, WinterBoard, and other such free apps, have had an important role to play in the popularity of Cydia replacement software. Continue reading…

Cydia has become the talk of the town, with more and more Apple loyalists shifting base to this replacement software. Downloading the ‘best Cydia apps’ on any Apple product with the iOS as its default operating system helps add to the efficiency of that product, by getting rid of its drawbacks and adding something extra to it. The Apple products in picture here are the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad; each of which boasts of being the best in their respective leagues. All these apps can be broadly categorized into paid apps and free apps, with the latter having a major role to play in the soaring popularity of this replacement software.

How to Get Free Apps with Cydia?

In order to get Cydia apps, you need to install Cydia replacement software on your Apple device; and to do that, you need to jailbreak it first. Now that jailbreaking is not deemed unethical, you can go ahead with it without having to worry about any legal implications of the same. The only thing to take into consideration is the fact that jailbreaking can void the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are comfortable with that, you can go ahead and download the Cydia replacement software and get access to a wide range of free apps and themes available on it.

Irrespective of whether they are paid or free, Cydia apps are stored in Cydia repositories (often referred to as Cydia sources), from where they can be downloaded. In order to download these apps, you need to add these sources to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. While some Cydia sources come pre-installed with the software, others have to be downloaded manually.

In order to add Cydia sources to your device, you will have to launch ‘Cydia’, go to the ‘Manage’ section and tap on ‘Sources’. You will be directed to a new page which will have a list of all the sources that you have previously added to your device. On the same page, you will also see an ‘Edit’ tab; on tapping on this tab you will be directed to a new page wherein you will come across a box saying ‘Add Sources’ on your screen. You just have to fill the name of the Source/Repository that you want to download and tap on ‘Add Source’ tab below it – that particular source will be added to your list.

Launch ‘Cydia’ → Go to the ‘Manage’ section → Go to ‘Sources’ → Click on ‘Edit’ tab → Go to ‘Add Sources’ section → Add the name of the source and click on ‘Add Source’

Once you have these sources downloaded on your Apple device, the thousands of apps available in these sources will be just a few taps away from you. In order to download Cydia apps, you will have to scroll through the ‘Menu’, go to ‘Sections’ and tap on ‘All Packages’ tab. This will give you access to the list of Cydia products that are available for download in different sources. You can just go through Cydia apps list, and tap on the name of the app which you want to download. The program will ask for a confirmation, and when you give a nod, it will begin downloading the app onto your Apple device.

Go to the ‘Menu’ → Click on ‘Sections’ → Tap on ‘All Packages’ → Go to the list of Apps → Tap on the App you want to download → App will start downloading after your confirmation

Even though this process is common to all Apple devices which have the iOS as their default operating system, you should ideally cross check and see whether the said app is compatible with your product or not. The apps compatible to Apple iPhone or the iPod touch are known to falter on the iPad, due to the difference in their screen size.

Best Free Cydia Apps

In case of paid apps, you have to pay a stipulated amount of money as the downloading fee or service fee for the app. In case of free apps however, you can download these apps from the sources and use them without paying any money to the developers. There also exist some Cydia applications with a free trial period of specific time. You can use these apps free of cost for that stipulated period, and when this trial period is over, you can either renew the subscription in lieu of a stipulated amount as fee or uninstall them. You should go through the basic information of any app, while giving special emphasis to its price, before downloading it.

One of the best Cydia apps for the Apple products, the WinterBoard app helps you customize the appearance and sounds of various Apple iOS products.

A multipurpose app for the iPhone users, the SBSettings app helps you toggle connectivity options on and off, reboot the device, free the memory, etc.

When you are talking about Cydia apps, you can’t afford to miss out on MxTube app which gives you access to YouTube videos on the move.

The iFile app from Cydia helps you navigate through your iPhone file system and view different types of files. This app also helps you download or bookmark various files and folders.

Yet another of those must have apps, the OpenSSH application helps you transfer different types of files from your personal computer to your Apple iPod touch.

While Siri has been the talk of the town with iPhone users across the nation, the VoiceUtils app from Cydia helps you open other applications and carry out certain tasks by voice commands.

One of the perfect tracking apps available with Cydia, the iLocalis app helps you trace your iPhone with ease. A must have app, if you are prone to the habit of misplacing things.

Installous, which helps you install the trial versions of the various app available at the App Store, is undoubtedly one of the must have apps available at Cydia apps’ store.

It may be relatively old app, but Cydia’s Categories app still works wonders for you by allowing you to arrange all the app icons in a simple manner in order to facilitate easy access.

MultiIcon Mover App
Moving apps, one at a time, from one place to another can be a tedious task, especially when you are supposed to move several apps to a new location. The MultiIcon Mover app helps you select all the apps you want to move and transfers them in one go.

It is best to resort to these free apps, when you are skeptical about spending your hard-earned money on purchasing apps and themes. Many people are of the opinion that paid Cydia apps have an edge over the free apps. While there is no questioning the fact that some paid apps are truly outstanding, it doesn’t affect the credibility of apps like the WinterBoard app and the SBSettings which are available for free.

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