Blackberry – Pay As You Go Phones

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Blackberry - Pay As You Go Phones

There are many plans that include the Blackberry pay as you go phones. Check out these deals on some of the best plans there are, with PAYG enabled phones…

“Batman today has a Blackberry.” – Jerry Beck

The Blackberry was thought to have been a phone specifically designed for businessmen/women and those with hi-end jobs. Wrong. It has now crept into the lives of high school/college going students and anyone who earns enough to have one of their own. Who said you had to be filthy rich to own such a bulky, yet smart looking piece of technology? Its all-business look has gone out the window, with colors coming out to match your taste, with custom-made covers to let the world know that it’s a Blackberry you’re busy talking/texting on.

It all started out with making emailing easier, faster and convenient to send when on the run. It gave busy men/women a chance to multitask, along with using the Blackberry’s BBM (Blackberry Messenger) feature, which allows Blackberry users worldwide, to access a free messenger with an Internet enabled phone. A special BB pin is encoded into each phone including a barcode that is unique to every model. Using either the ‘invite contact‘ option through their pin/email or scanning another’s barcode, the Blackberry makes it easy for people to keep in touch wherever they are, with ease.

This built in feature sent BB users raving about how easy it was to keep in touch, whenever and wherever they were worldwide. It’s nice to know that you can stay connected through such a device that caters to taking care of all your needs, no matter how caught up you are. With the BB pay as you go phones, you can avail of a service that allows you to do all that you need, in your own time and space.

Blackberry Pay As Go Plans

The Blackberry pay as you go phones, are enabled with services that you can avail of, by getting these particular phones. These phones don’t tie you down to just one mobile network, but gives you the chance to switch service providers, if need be. It is a cost saving service which allows you to pay for your required amount of minutes. You can then recharge your phone once you run out of credit, without having to pay long expensive bills, once the end of the month is up (when it is a postpaid plan).

There are web portals that allow you to choose from many great services. Before we get into an AT&T plan, which is one of the best plans available, we first get into the prices for these blackberry prepaid cell phones. Find out which is the best blackberry phone for you to use, before you connect yourself to a desired service that works for you.

  • Blackberry Bold 9700 – Price: About 319 pounds/495 dollars
  • Blackberry Pearl 8120 (Titanium) – Price: About 200 pounds/310 dollars
  • Blackberry Curve 8520 – Price: About 129 pounds/200 dollars
  • Blackberry Curve Violet 8520 – Price: About 149 pounds/231 dollars
  • Blackberry Pearl 3G – Price: About 259 pounds/402 dollars
  • Blackberry 9300 Gemini – Price: About 249 pounds/386 dollars
  • Blackberry Bold White 9700 – Price: About 379 pounds/588 dollars
  • Blackberry Curve White 8520 – Price: About 139 pounds/215 dollars
  • Blackberry Curve 8120 – Price: About 99 pounds/153 dollars
  • Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 – Price: About 249 pounds/386 dollars

Benefits of Blackberry Pay As You Go AT&T Plan

AT&T provides users with a wide range of services that are affordable, easy to use and very accessible for BB users. It has different features like.

  • Get in touch with other users with AT&T enabled wireless service, like family and friends.
  • Services where you can access photos, media net, video messaging and text.
  • Gift cards if you give referrals to others of AT&T’s service worth $25.
  • Gives you 30 days trial period, to see if you like the wireless phone service, if not, it is returnable.
  • Global roaming capabilities with GSM.
  • Buy the latest apps available by AT&T.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • Hotmail, AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo and other messenger services are available.
  • Log in for AT&T members/new users on official website.

With these Blackberry AT&T plans, you can experience a whole new level of easy to use services, that come up with offers and plans that help you save money. With the AT&T Internet service, you not only can email and chat, but download Blackberry apps from the Blackberry’s official store (BB app world). With email, chat, browsing and of course the BMM enabled chat interface, the plans offer an unmatchable bargain.

With these BB phones with AT&T enabled services, you are on your way to making life easier and more organized. I for one will vouch for such a plan since it makes things easier when on the run and while commuting.

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