Best Free Computer Games for Kids

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Best Free Computer Games for Kids

Free computer games for children can be a great source of fun and learning at the same time. Let us find out about few of these games, which can help your kids to learn with fun.

It is true that today the gaming world is dominated by various consoles. However, the charm and the simplicity of free computer games has not faded yet. There are still many who like to play them. It can not only be fun for a few adults, but it can also be a great source of learning for kids.

Free Online Games for Children

Alone in the Kitchen

In this game, you will be in a kitchen and you will be given different recipes and ingredients. There will be various ingredients at different places in the kitchen, you will just have to move your mouse over the objects to see their names. This game will test your memory because you will be shown the recipe just once and you will have to remember it. You can put the ingredients in the blender in any order, but in right proportion. Oops! Forgot to mention about the timer which gets activated as soon as you start playing. So keep an eye on the timer and have a great time cooking.

QubiDraw Memory Match

This is another memory game which will test your kids visual memory skills and improve them. In this game, there will be a big wall on which there would be several posters. Your task is to match two identical pictures and take them off the board. You can either choose the game in which you will have to pair two identical pictures or the one in which you will have to find a picture which doesn’t have a match.


If math and numbers never interested you then think again. Mathemagic is amongst those free computer games for kids, which brings you the fun of playing with numbers. It is a very simple game. There will be four rows of numbers from 1 to 5. Each row of numbers will be for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. All you need to do is just click on the numbers and see numbers add, subtract, multiply, or divide. It will help your kid to learn some basic calculation. It is one of the best computer games for learning mathematics.

Word Pyramid

This is one of those word games which will help build your kid’s vocabulary. In this game, there will be a pyramid and on every row of the pyramid there would be missing alphabets, which otherwise if completed correctly will form a word. To get a hint about what the word is, you will have to click on that particular row, and the hint will be displayed in the box at the bottom. Next, you will have to fill in the empty boxes with alphabets. You will start from the top and proceed as you go down the pyramid. The results will be displayed only if you get all of them right.


The age-old crosswords are back again. They test your child’s general knowledge. The game is simple, so are the controls. To type in a word use the keyboard. Any wrong alphabet will appear in red color. To shuffle between Across and Down, use the Space key on your keyboard.


I am sure kids must be familiar with jigsaws. Over here, there is a blank board around which there will be different blocks of the same picture. You will simply have to get all the blocks together and try to complete the picture. You can take the help of getting an outline of the original picture in the board, so that rearranging blocks will be simple.

You can get these and many more games by searching for downloads or even playing directly online. Online games were never so simple and helpful. Today’s kids are more computer savvy than many adults. They tend to learn a lot from the Internet, which is the most powerful and ever increasing source of knowledge.

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