A Stunning List of Free Adware Removal Tools

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List of Free Adware Removal Tools

If adware applications have made it uneasy for you to work on your computer, there are many good-quality adware removal tools available on the Internet to help you clean up the mess.

Nowadays, a majority of computer users have Internet access for personal and professional purposes, and there is always a need for downloading software that do specific tasks.

Many a time you install an application and start getting pop-up advertisements similar to those that are seen on websites while browsing. These type of unwanted pop up advertisements are referred to as adware or advertising-supported software.

Some adware can also act as spyware and send personal information to other users. Your surfing habits are also sent to ad companies, which target you with pop-ups close to your liking. You might wonder how the adware got installed with your computer if you did not do it by yourself.

Note that you may have ignored the windows that lead to the final installation of the program. Many of these programs might not have got installed in the first place if you would have unchecked some settings in the windows.

Now that you have got the program installed, you would think of removing it. A good method of doing so is using a free adware removal software. The Internet is the best way to search for such tools for free download. You just need to download and install the software on your computer, and start scanning for and deleting adware. Some registered shareware scanning software, along with removing adware, will also scan for viruses, trojans and spyware.

Free Adware Removal Software


This is an award-winning software that works in gaming mode as well. It provides emulation technology to detect newer variants of adware along with pin-point scanning to scan selected files from their original location. Newer additions also provide download protection to block malicious files before they are written on the disk.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free (MBAM)

Even in the free version, MBAM uses Chameleon Technology to run on infected systems. They have an extensive database that keeps updating. Part of their success is because they offer multi-language support (more than 35) and have a good Knowledge Support Team.

Spyware Begone

This software protects your PC and scans it for adware, spyware, trojans, computer viruses, dialers, and many other computer-infective programs. It also cleans the infections found on your PC for free. It prevents your home page from being changed by malware, does not allow your ID to be stolen and leaves no room for future attacks. In the end, your PC is made faster by fixing errors. As a plus point, they also offer free phone/e-mail support.


XoftspySE is another good software that scans the computer hard drive from infections that go undetected by conventional antivirus software. It also removes harmful registry keys and files.

Spyware Bomb

This adware and spyware removal application comes with the True Real-Time TM Spyware/ Adware protection technology that constantly keeps scanning the system and checking for harmful programs. It improves browsing speed by cleaning web-history in many applications. It also gets rid of duplicate files.

Spyware Terminator

If your disk drives are inaccessible or you cannot print items correctly, it’s time to get Spyware Terminator. This program offers both on-demand as well as scheduled scanning. It uses minimal resources, and still manages to keep online banking, shopping and gaming safe and uninterrupted. Daily updates help it keep newer versions of malware in check.


Worms, keyloggers, hijackers, parasites, rootkits, rogue security products and many other types of threats can be removed with this tool. It does all this and more without conflicting with your existing antivirus product. It has a unique system to repair broken internet connections. First chance prevention allows it to test the system on 50 critical points at each start-up and shut down.

Spybot Search and Destroy

It blocks adware and enables you to review loadable programs when the system boots. The latest beta version has Windows 8 Security Center support. With a user-friendly interface and stylized help document, Spybot has come a long way. Fixed exceptions on network sharing, uninstall wizard for recovery, master boot record scans and ability to detect newer versions of the software have made it all the more efficient.


It detects a multitude of keylogger, foistware and trackware components which traditional antivirus software fail to detect.

Arovax Shield

This is a proactive program that runs in the background and does not let malware modify your system.


This is a unique software that does not remove malware on computer, but rather those that are utilizing the memory. Adware that are difficult to delete and remove can be first rendered helpless by running RKill and then you can use your core antivirus program to delete them.

The Cleaner

Ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, password stealers etc., can be taken care of with this one.
It employs signature combinations and behavioral analysis to protect data. One-click fix makes it all the more easy-to-use. A 30-day free trial version is available.

Spyware Doctor

It detects all ad generating software including suspicious activeX objects, keyloggers and phishing scams. Spyware Doctor works on potential browser exploits rather than PC protection on all fronts.

HijackThis (HJT)

Here’s one utility that can help you selectively remove anything unwanted on your PC. The in-depth reports on file settings and registry generated by this software come very handy to advanced users who have knowledge of which files and settings are necessary for the computer and which are not.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

It has combined Anti-Virus + Anti-Malware scanners for cleaning. It also includes 3 guards against new infections: file guard, behavior blocker and surf protection.

These are some of the mostly used free adware removal software available on the Internet. You can refer to reviews to determine which is the most appropriate application for your adware protection needs and have a hassle-free Internet experience.

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