Fastest Wireless Router

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Fastest Wireless Router

Analyzing your needs and the specifications of various wireless routers will help you buy the fastest wireless router. Here is a simple, straightforward guide to selecting the fastest Wi-Fi router and some of the top products reviewed.

A router is a network device, which provides connection between two different local area networks (LAN). A wireless router, also has a wireless access point. Choosing the right type of router can be difficult as there are many options available today. Some of the brands that dominate the wireless router market are D-Link, Linksys, and Netgear. The routers of these brands are very robust, hence buying a second-hand router of a such brands is a good idea to save money.

There are many great wireless routers available on the market. These routers are powerful and efficient. However, you have to analyze which is the fastest wireless router that matches your needs. For example, do you want a router which is fast enough to run smoothly in an office or home environment.

Buying Guide
Here are some technical specs you need to look out in various routers to figure out the fastest Wi-Fi router suitable for you.

Wireless-b, Wireless-g, Wireless-n and Wireless-acwhat the heck is it?
‘802.11’ is a standard which applies to all wireless gadgets. The first generation of wireless routers were referred as – wireless-b or 802.11b, then came wireless-g or 802.11g, then wireless-n or 802.11n, now 802.11ac is the latest. 802.11ac is also known as 5G Wi-Fi. It is basically a faster version of 802.11n. If you have wireless-b router than you should think of upgrading to wireless-n or ac featuring router.

Single Band Vs. Dual Bandwhich is better?
Obviously, dual-band is better. But, how? Single-band routers work only on 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. However, dual-band routers can work on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time. This enables the dual-band routers to perform faster and better.

MIMO Technology – the fastest way to transfer data
Another important thing you need to look out for is multiple antennas. The MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology uses multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer data simultaneously. Wireless-n routers come with this technology. This helps to reach higher transmission speed. Basically, the source and destination will have not single but, multiple antennas which help to transfer the data faster.

Data Transmission Speedgoing for the best
Since, you want to buy the fastest possible router you need to check the transmission speed offered by the particular model. Wireless-n or 802.11n have been able to achieve data transmission speed up to 600Mb/sec. Hence, you need to choose among wireless-n routers which offer the highest transmission speed.

Home/Office Routerwhich one do you really need?
The number of wireless connections which can be accommodated by a Wi-Fi router are 225. However, to get a good performance one should connect only 10 to 30 devices. The more the devices connected to the router the lesser the transmission speed is going to be. Hence, check out various router models to see how many devices it can connect to, without having to compromise on the performance. For business/office-related purpose you will need a more powerful router which can connect to many devices and still perform well. But, for home use you don’t need such a powerful router.

Extra Featuresa little extra never hurts
If your computer and router are placed near each other, then you can always connect them with a wire. This will make it faster than a wireless connection. Make sure the router comes with at least two or more Ethernet sockets to connect the devices. Also, make sure your router comes with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). This allows devices to connect to wireless network using a password.

Product Reviews
Here are reviews of the best models of Wi-Fi routers which deliver great performance.

Asus RT- AC66U
This is one of the best performing router and comes with advanced features which meets small business needs. This router is priced around $199. It’s an 802.11ac and dual band router. It comes with 2 USB ports. Another excellent choice among Asus routers is the RTN66U. It is a bit cheaper than the RTAC66U but still delivers good performance.

Linksys EA6500
This is an easy-to-use, dual band router. It is also an 802.11ac router which makes it one of the fastest Wi-Fi router. It comes with 2 USB ports and offers many other great features. It is compatible with most devices and is priced at $199.

Netgear R6300
This is a great performing 802.11ac router, and is easy-to-use. It is not great looking, but it is robust and great for home use. Even though, this router and its power adapter is a bit bulky, it is high on performance and available at $190.

Buffalo’s AirStation AC1300
Both, N600 and AC1300 routers by Buffalo Air Station are powerful performing dual band wireless routers. They have an elegant design and come loaded with advanced features. You can buy them at $180. You can go to their website to compare these two models.

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Router
There are a couple of things that sets this router apart from others. The first one is that, this is a touchscreen router, and so you don’t have to set it up using a PC. It looks cool and its interface resembles that of Windows 8. It also comes at a competitive price of $80. It is good on performance, however it is single band only and comes with no USB ports, but only two LAN ports.

Tips to Boost Your Router
Use this tips to improve the performance of your wireless router to achieve better connectivity and speed.

  • Keep your router in the central area of your home/office to improve the connection. Ensure, the router antennas are vertical.
  • Reduce interference by other devices like microwave ovens, cordless phones, or wireless devices. Dual band routers can help resolve this problem.
  • Consider setting up an auto reboot for once in a day.
  • Go for Quality of Service. It will help to give priority on important applications over the less important ones.
  • Try to use the router and network adapter of the same manufacturer.
  • Invest in a wireless repeater. They will extend the network range and boost the signal strength. 

So, select the appropriate router for home/gaming/office use by utilizing the above tips and product reviews. Make sure you check the configuration of the product and see that they meet the requirements. Also, check various shopping sites to compare prices to find the best deal.

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