Farmville Farm Designs

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Farmville Farm Designs

If you are a fan of Farmville and would like to know how to create unique farm designs, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will discuss how to create some farm designs that will make your Farmville neighbors jealous.

I am a Farmville addict. There, I admit it. I am a dedicated farmer who plows and harvests at even 3 o’clock in the morning, and get paranoid if any of my friends achieve a higher level than me. Farmville is an application on the popular social networking site, Facebook, and it has many users and fans. The purpose of the game is to create a farm where you can plant different types of fruits, vegetables, and trees, and harvest them periodically to gain experience as well as Farmville coins. In addition to these fruits and vegetables, you can plant different types of trees, purchase farm animals like chicken, ducks, cows, and horses, and also buy decorations like ponds, benches, and lampposts to make your farm more interesting.

The level in Farmville goes up as you gain more experience through plowing, harvesting, and purchasing new things like tractors, barns, and houses. As you go up every new level, more and more seeds and new decorations are available for you to purchase. But Farmville is not merely about earning Farmville coins and attaining a new levels. If you are a proper farmer in Farmville, you would also like to have good farm designs that will make your farm your neighbor’s envy.

Farmville Farm Layouts

One of the most well-kept secret in Farmville farm designs is the use of hay bales. Hay bales are quite cheap and they are available in ten colors―red, yellow, blue, purple, gray, black, orange, brown, white, and green. These hay bales are also something that you receive in your gift box from friends, and they can be used in this way. Arrange hay bales in two contrasting colors, like red and blue, one after the other, in such a way that you spell the initials of your name. If you want to go a step further and create maximum impact, then I will suggest that you arrange hay bales in contrasting colors to create cool formations like a smiley face, pyramid, or even a garden.

Another great tip is to make use of hedges to create mazes. They are not very expensive, and can be purchased with a few farm coins. If you are reluctant to purchase hedges, just ask your friends and neighbors to gift you some. Then collect these gifts and arrange them diagonally and vertically in your farm to create a maze. These mazes look amazing when you view the entire farm.

A very simple way to create a simple, yet stunning farm design, is to plant contrasting flowers, fruits, and vegetables in such a way that when they are ready to be harvested they form a checkered pattern. One thing that you have to make sure when you are going for this type of design is that the fruits, vegetables, or flowers blossom or grow within the same time. Some good plants for this design idea are tomatoes, blackberries, carrots, soybeans, pumpkins, and aloe vera. Another way that you can design your farm is to plant rice in four rows on either side of a row of fences. Since, after planting rice, the planted area appears blue and filled with water, the fences placed one after the other in the middle may appear like a bridge.

One of the best design tips is to use trees for decorations. Place trees like maple and cherry blossoms one after the other in a single row to make it look colorful when they are in full bloom. Another good design idea is to use decorations like windmills, lamp posts, benches, and ponds to decorate your farm.

Now that you know how to create great designs, make your farm into a truly unique one. There are many secret guides to make your farm more beautiful and functional. And after you are done designing, don’t forget to take a picture of your farm and publish it on Facebook.

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