FarmVille Cash Cheat

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FarmVille Cash Cheat

Do you want to know more about FarmVille cash cheat? Well, you have come to the right place then. The following article is all about the same and the tricks to get fast FarmVille cash.

FarmVille is one of the most popular PC games which is developed by Zynga. It is a game of real-time farm simulation, which is available as an application on Facebook. FarmVille is all about managing your own virtual farm and livestock. You can imitate every farm-action that a real farmer does, from planting, growing, fertilizing and harvesting the crops, to growing and harvesting various trees, to feeding and raising various livestock along with and helping the neighboring ‘farmers’.

The game of FarmVille has more than 85 million active users and around 24 million fans on Facebook, which proves that it is one of the best followed game on Facebook since its launch in June, 2009. This PC game whirls around a virtual market, from where you can purchase seeds, trees, animals, buildings and decorative items that you need for your farm. You can use the Farmville coins and cash for that, which you gain over the period of time.

What is FarmVille Cash?

As I mentioned earlier, the generic FarmVille money is important for you to spend to purchase the farm goods and to cross the experience levels of the game. You have two options as ‘FarmVille coins’ and ‘FarmVille cash’, wherein, FarmVille coins are earned by selling your crops and FarmVille cash is earned at the rate of one dollar, that you get at each experience level.

You also gain FarmVille XP – FarmVille experience points that help you cross the game levels. While most of the farm goods can be purchased with FarmVille coins, you need FarmVille cash to purchase some specific animals, farm decoration items and to expand/upgrade the farm. When FarmVille coins get increased easily, you need to wait on longer to increase even a single Farmville cash.

FarmVille Cash Cheat Tricks

Even the best FarmVille guide cannot tell you the correct FarmVille game cheats to earn quick farm cash, since, there is no such thing as FarmVille cash cheat codes. Thus, you need to rely upon a few basic steps that are a part of this online application on Facebook. Here are a few tricks that you can use so as to earn some extra farm cash.

Use Smart Strategies

Learn the art of working smartly and you can easily earn cash and coins faster by treating this online game as your own business. You can gain an edge over others by buying crops regularly. One should prefer to employ effective techniques for growing ones farm at light speed. You can earn easy money by growing crops like soybeans and raspberries, as raspberries can be harvested within 2 hours.

Try growing trees that are profitable over a shorter time, rather than trees that pay you in the long run. Grow olive trees, as they take four days to produce olives which can be sold for 122 coins. Dates can be sold for 69 coins and are produced after every 3 days, hence growing date trees can prove profitable. Similarly, raise animals that are profitable on more than one account like, keep goats that produce milk after every 2 days, besides goat milk also earns you 54 coins.

You get one free FarmVille cash with every experience level that you cross. Hence, crossing as many levels as you can is the best way to earn more cash. You need to increase the XP, to reach to the next level and hence, you need to plow the crops that earn maximum XP. You earn 3 XP if you purchase artichokes, asparagus, bamboo, bell pepper, broccoli, cabbage, corn, cotton, cucumber (42nd level) daffodils, eggplant, forget-me-not, ginger, goji berries, golden poppies, grapes, green hellebore, iris (45th level), lavender (30th level), lilies (35th level), lotus (30th level), peppers, pink hibiscus, roses, tulips, red wheat, etc. You earn 4 XP, with the purchase of yellow, white roses, white corn, sweet yams, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, poinsettia, pink carnation, peas (32nd level), green roses (30th level), fire and ice roses (35th level), etc.

Free Cash Offers

This might sound stupid, but if you can do anything to get the FarmVille cash, then this is one of the authentic FarmVille cash tricks for you. All that you need to do is to spend the ‘real’ money in order to get the farm money. You need to pay online money with credit card to the manufacturer – Zynga. This you can do by simply clicking on “+Add Coins and Cash” link, that appears at the extreme left-top of the farm window. You can also earn free FarmVille cash by completing the free offers on FarmVille.

You just need to go through the offers like “Reach Final Stage” and put in the information that you are asked for (you can put in fake info as well, especially the e-mail ID, to avoid spamming). Once you get to the end of the final stage page, take its screenshot by pressing Alt + Printscreen/SysRq and close the browsing window. This way you can receive FarmVille cash within minutes.

In case you don’t get the cash, then you can always send a query to the customer support of FarmVille. You can ask a question like “why am I not getting my FarmVille cash?” with a link of the screenshot that you took earlier. You will get the cash within 1 to 3 hours, along with an e-mail of apology. Giving in a fake email ID is important here, since it is surely in for a lot of spamming.

FarmVille Cheat Engine

There are many features on the FarmVille cheat engine that make it to top the list of FarmVille secrets guide. FarmVille cheat engine bears FarmVille Cash Generator Cheat Tool, which increases the FarmVille cash by 2 to 4 times, for as many times that the user logs in, within the span of 23 hours. To increase the rate of free cash, you need to wait till the next raffle and then log in with help of the FarmVille cash cheat tool. This tool was tested on various browsers and it is compatible for Google Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon and Internet Explorer 7. You can download it for free from Internet.

Using cheat codes for PC games and the FarmVille cheat software like autobots that are meant for plowing and harvesting etc., you can get your FarmVille account blocked forever. You can also get some nasty viruses to destroy your PC system, big time. Hence, my advice to you is to stick to the basics (increasing the levels) and enjoy the wait game to earn the FarmVille cash.

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