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Are you planning to sign up for the facilities provided by EchoSign? If yes, then take a look at this review to know more.

Are you fed up of the paper trail in your office? Do you want to get rid of the number of documents piling up? The best way to do so is to make digital copies of everything. But what do you do in case of contracts that need to be signed? This is where digital signatures come in, which are electronic symbols associated with a contract. Electronic signatures became prominent after the Esign Act was passed in 2000 which made them legally valid. Ensuring that important documents reach your clients in time and allowing them to easily validate the document electronically can be difficult and EchoSign is a system that makes this process extremely easy.


An electronic signature and document management system that helps organizations maintain documents, send them out to recipients for signatures and file these documents, it was started by Jason Lemkin and Jeffrey Zwelling. The system allows organizations to use electronic signatures and save time on getting contracts signed. It provides organizations with the feature of electronic signatures without any requirement of scanners, signature pads, or digital certificates. Working on EchoSign is a very simple process, which is the reason for its favorable reviews. All a user is expected to do is fill out a form with details about the recipient. Then attach the agreement and send it. The system will convert the document into a PDF file and allow the recipient to print it, sign it, and fax it back so that you can receive a copy of the signed document or even electronically sign it and send it back.

The recipient will receive the document like an email. According to their preference, they can sign the document and send it back without having to locate your fax number or a fax cover sheet as the system does all that is needed. EchoSign allows you to send out the document to multiple parties and save copies of the document for future use.


The best thing about the system is the simplicity of the entire process. It offers you multiple options for converting your document to a PDF file to get electronic signatures or even send it via fax and get it signed by the recipient, who can then fax it back to a special number that the company provides. The company also keeps track of every document that you send out and keeps a copy of a signed document for your use in the future. It is secure and does not disclose the document to anyone other than the intended recipients of the document and the sender. It is a viable option for those organizations where there is a lot of paperwork that happens between two parties. It also allows the sender to view the status of the document. Some other advantages of EchoSign is that it has an option for mobile, API, a web option, and also allows you access to a Google Docs interface. On the downside though, EchoSign does not confirm that the person who signs the document is the person for whom the document was intended. This drawback is a cause of major concern.

The pricing of the product though is very competitive and has been heralded by most reviewers. It has a free version that allows the user rights to five signatures a month, which is perfect for people who do not have many contracts and documents to be sent out. The Pro version of the product costs about USD 14.95 a month, the Team version which enables the use of account for two to nine users, comes at a cost of USD 40 a month and the Enterprise version for the use of more than 10 users is priced at USD 299 a month.

It is a wonderful product, as is evident by the favorable reviews. It is catching on very well, thanks to the effective time management it allows and the relative stress free document transactions it takes care of.

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