Best WinterBoard Themes for Apple Users: Experience a New World!

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Best WinterBoard Themes

Of the wide range of available Cydia applications, the WinterBoard app is undoubtedly the most popular; and the best WinterBoard themes that we have enlisted in this write-up have a crucial role to play in its popularity. Continue reading….

Not just Apple Inc., but even its products – the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, have a created a brand name for themselves. That however, hasn’t stopped the users from experimenting with their iDevices, and the craze for replacement software like Cydia speaks in volumes about the same. That the practice of jailbreaking can void the manufacturer’s warranty is no more a concern for the users, as they have realized that the risk is worth taking with some of the best apps and themes on offer. In fact, these Cydia themes can give you a totally new experience with your iProducts.

WinterBoard Application on Cydia

One of the best Cydia applications ever, the WinterBoard is an open source application that helps users in customizing the look as well as the sound of your Apple products by giving you to access a range of Cydia themes, wallpapers, background, sounds etc. Among the various features that Cydia WinterBoard has to offer, theme selection is undoubtedly the best.

Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS

With several thousand themes to choose from, it wouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself spoiled for choice. Irrespective of whether you happen to be a movie buff or a sports fan, or whether you like a neat layout or a haphazard spread, there is something for everybody in the list of themes that are available at various Cydia sources. Given below is a list of some of the best themes for the iPhone 4 and the 4th generation iPod touch, along with the sources i.e. the Cydia repositories, from where you can download them.

WinterBoard Theme Repository / Source
Carbon X Pro ModMyi
BlackOut HD SD ModMyi
EnVy iOS 5 Addon ZodTTD and MacCiti
Broken Glas HD ZodTTD and MacCiti
Bl3D HD ZodTTD and MacCiti
BlackLight HD ModMyi
Amplified Pro HD ZodTTD and MacCiti
EZ4U2NV ZodTTD and MacCiti
ExistenZ ModMyi
Vista for iPhone BigBoss, ModMyi and iSpazio

Best Themes for the iPad

While all the aforementioned themes for the iPhone (and the iPod touch) are quite amazing, they are not compatible to the iPad due to the underlying resolution issues. While developers are trying to tweak these and other themes to make them compatible to the Apple tablet, there are some themes which have already been tweaked and are ready for you to try.

WinterBoard Theme Repository / Source
Bookshelf For iPad Available at ZodTTD and MacCiti
AfterMathHaz3 HD ZodTTD and MacCiti
1nfect3d iPad ZodTTD and MacCiti
iQuad For iPad ModMyi
Glasklart HD* ModMyi

*This theme is only available for the original iPad.

Once you have decided which theme you want, you can continue with the installation process. In order to download a theme, you need to choose a theme from the list, and click on the Install tab located near it. In order to activate this theme, you will have to launch the WinterBoard application, wherein you will see the list of themes you have already installed, and simply click on the theme you need to activate.

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