Reviews of Best DVD Recorders

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Reviews of Best DVD Recorders

There are numerous DVD recorders available in the market today. With rapid technological developments, even newer models with additional features are being added on a periodic basis.

DVD recorders are optical disc recorders that record video data onto writable DVD media. Typically, a 650 nm (red) laser is used to read and write DVDs. They allow people to personalize their video library. Copies of favorite movies and shows can also be made. Moreover, some recorders even feature the facility of editing the program and removing all the commercials before burning the program on the disc. They come in two forms: standalone and computer or PC-based. Today, most computer systems have built-in DVD recorder drives, which can generally process CD-R and CD-RW mediums. Most of the standalone recorders can record all major formats, such as DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL. Some of the standalone recorders comprise a hard-disk based DVR (digital video recorder) to increase the convenience, and also have a built-in DVD authoring software. However, not all recorders have the same standard.

Panasonic DMR-EZ28K

Panasonic’s DMR-EZ28K features a SD memory card slot, HDMI port, 1080p up-convert, VIERA Link compatibility, USB terminal, and an integrated ATSC/ NTSC tuner. This recorder weighs 6.16 lb. and has dimensions of 2.4″ x 16.9″ x 9.7″. This DVD recorder can read virtually all DVD and CD formats, and is also capable of writing DVDs. The integrated hybrid tuner present in this device makes it possible to record analog and digital programming. The 1080p up-conversion feature automatically converts the standard definition DVD into a 1920 x 1080 resolution, thereby ensuring an optimal HDTV viewing experience. However, this recorder does have its drawbacks. Even though it comes under the “middle-of-the-market” category, it lacks some features available in cheaper DVD recorders. It is unable to play the MP3 audio format. Another annoying feature about this device is the lack of a volume button on the remote of the recorder. The volume button was removed in order to accommodate other buttons. The device is also occasionally found to freeze and needs to be reset before use.

Sony RDR-VXD655

For those people who still need a VCR, and would prefer to possess a DVD player-cum-recorder, this device is perfect, as it combines both these features into a single device. The Sony RDR-VXD655 features a VCR on the right and a DVD player on the left. Between these two is the one-touch dubbing and recording option, wherein one can press the button to record from DVD to VHS (Video Home System) and vice versa. The inbuilt digital tuner makes recording of TV shows in digital quality possible. This device also up-converts signals to 1080i or 720p, thereby improving the picture quality of even earlier recorded DVDs. Detail and image quality of the DVDs increase.

Toshiba RD-XS54

This powerful DVD recorder comes with an integrated digital video recorder (DVR) and a massive inbuilt 250 GB hard drive. This device provides the option of recording on a DVD disc or storing 250 hours of video onto the hard drive. Toshiba also offers high-speed copying from an HDD (hard disk drive) to recordable disc. The up-conversion from 480p to 720p/1080i formats result into wonderful picture quality. Toshiba RD-XS54 records on affordable DVD-R/RW, as well as DVD-RAM discs. It comes with a ‘TV Guide On Screen’ facility, which provides access to eight days of TV listings, thereby making it easy to choose programs one wants to record. The recorded programs can be easily located with the help of a menu. This menu is automatically created when the recording is done.

Toshiba D-R410 DR410

This DVD recorder is 16.5 inches and 2.3 inches in width and height, respectively. Its functions include: DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW. The search speed range it supports is 2x, 5x, 20x, and 40x. It provides a Dolby digital output. In addition to this, it also generates 3D virtual surround sound. The digital audio standards supported by this device are MP3, and WMA. It is MP3 compatible and is remote-control operated. The D/A converter speed observed is 24bit/192kHz. This is a good option for those looking to buy a recorder with the most basic features in addition to a lower price range.

Philips DVDR3545V-37

This DVD recorder facilitates recording on both DVDs as well as VHS. The buttons and controls are well placed on the front of the device, and none are hidden under the panels. The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection feature up-converts all the signals to 1080p. Moreover, its inbuilt digital tuner gives brilliant quality recordings of the TV shows. This particular Philips brand is a quality player. It’s easy to use with a pleasing interface, and appears to breathe new life into the old VHS tapes with the 1080p output.

While selecting the recorders, certain parameters must be kept in mind, such as the output of the recorder, hard drive capacity, DVD record time, and TV tuner. By analyzing the features of each recorder, one can arrive at the best choice.

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