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Different kinds of DVDs are available in the market, each one different from the other. Explained here with important differences are two such types – DVD-R and DVD+R.

DVD, which is also referred to as digital video disc or digital versatile disc, is used for storage of data. They are very much similar to CDs, but they have a capacity to store six times more data than the CD.

Since its storage capacity is more than that of the CD, it is preferred by many people. It can be used for the storage of word and text files and software. You can also burn different games on DVDs, so that you can play these games anytime, anywhere.

In a head-to-head match, DVD+R is definitely better than DVD-R, in almost all the aspects. Though there is no physical difference between these two, a few functional differences make the former different from the latter. These few differences are given here.


The data once written on DVD-R cannot be later deleted, edited, or replaced. It was the first recording format that was compatible with DVD players and is similar to CD-R.


You can remove the DVD immediately without having to wait for the formatting. You can record one DVD+R disk partially on the computer and partially on the television. While you are formatting the disk, you can record on the part of the disk which has already been formatted. You can edit movies, song titles, play lists, and file names.

Difference Between DVD-R and DVD+R


  • The approval of DVD-R is done by the standard group DVD Forum founded by Sony, Mitsubishi, Time Warner, and Hitachi.
  • It is more compatible with computer burned DVD format.
  • These disks are inexpensive.
  • It gives a vague value of the time required for a recording.
  • A DVD-R SL (single layer) disk can hold data up to 4.384 GiB.
  • A DVD-R DL (double layer) disk has a capacity of 7.957 GiB.
  • A DVD-R SL has 2,298,496 data sectors.
  • A DVD-R DL has 4,171,712 data sectors.


  • DVD+R is supported by DVD+RW Alliance, which is backed by Philips, Yamaha, Sony, JP, and Dell.
  • DVD+R is more compatible with DVD players and when it comes to the cost, these disks are costlier as compared to DVD-R.
  • It displays the exact time required for the recording.
  • DVD+R SL has the capacity 4.378 GiB.
  • The DVD+R DL can hold data up to 7.961 GiB.
  • There are 2,298,496 data sectors in a single layer DVD+R disk.
  • There are 4,173,824 data sectors in a double layer DVD+R disk.
  • Multiple layers of the same disk are allowed in a DVD+R.

DVD media has made a lot of advancements. DVD-R was discovered before DVD+R, hence, we can say that DVD+R is the advanced version of DVD-R. These differences make them unique from each other.

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