Difference Between iPhone 3G and 3GS

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Difference Between iPhone 3G and 3GS

There are a few differences between the iPhone 3G and 3GS. This write-up will share some information on the features of both these phones.

iPhone is a smartphone embedded with the facility of multimedia as well as Internet connection capability. It lacks a physical keyboard and instead features a touchscreen. The size of the screen is 9 cm and it is scratch-resistant.

The operating system consists of four layers, namely, the core OS, core services, media, and cocoa. The operating system of iPhone occupies 240 MB of its internal memory.

The phone allows you to install and download applications quickly. It also lets you cut, copy and paste text as well as photos. Some of its features assist users who suffer from visual or auditory impairment.

iPhone 3GS Vs 3G

iPhone 3G

  • This phone is cheaper than iPhone 3GS.
  • The software updates are available for free.
  • The speed is slower in comparison.
  • The battery lasts longer compared to that on the 3GS.
  • It lacks a digital compass.
  • It has a 2 megapixel camera.
  • Its RAM is less than the one on the iPhone 3GS, hence it is slower.
  • It does not have the voice control feature.
  • It does not have the video recording facility.
  • The screen is not oil-resistant.
  • Water can damage the screen of this phone.
  • It provides video playback for up to 7 hours and audio playback for almost 24 hours.
  • On Wi-Fi, the Internet can be used for up to 6 hours.
  • With this phone, you can only shoot videos and there is no provision provided for editing.
  • The memory capacity ranges from 8 GB to 16 GB.

iPhone 3GS

  • It is costly since it has advanced features.
  • Most of the time, the software for these phones are available for free on the Internet except for a few.
  • This phone works faster as compared to iPhone 3G.
  • The life of the battery hasn’t yet been determined but is expected to be more than that of the 3G.
  • It is embedded with digital compass.
  • It has a 3 megapixel camera along with video recording and auto-focus.
  • It has a faster processor and more RAM as compared to iPhone 3G. This helps in faster loading of web pages and applications.
  • The phone has the feature of voice control.
  • It has video recording facility.
  • The screen is resistant to oil because of its oleo-phobic properties.
  • The screen is resistant to water.
  • This phone can play video for 10 hours and audio for 30 hours.
  • You can use the Internet for up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi.
  • This phone allows you to shoot as well as edit videos.
  • Its memory can vary from 16 GB to 32 GB. Since the memory is more, you can download full movies and other bulky data.

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