How to Use the On-Screen Guide for Dish Network Satellite TV

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The on-screen TV/program guide of Dish Network helps a user navigate through different channels, and provides detailed information about the schedule of different programs and TV shows. Techspirited explains the different features provided by this on-screen guide. Take a look.

Parental Control

In case you don’t want your kids to see certain channels meant for adults, press the menu button on the remote and navigate to locks > channel locks, and select the ones you wish to lock.

If you’re new to using the Dish Network television service, you’ll surely need to know about the electronic on-screen program guide. It can be accessed by pressing the Guide button on the remote. The location and name of the button may vary as per different remote models, the exact terminology and location can be confirmed by referring to the user manual.

The layout of the guide has a tabular, planner-like interface. The tab on the extreme top-left indicates the date and day; the channels (name and number) are listed below the date tab.

On the right is a detailed listing of programs and shows on every channel along with the duration marked at the top (12 hr time format). Let us see some tips to utilize this guide to its fullest and understand the different features it has to offer.

Basic Features

The guide helps the viewer to browse through the schedule of different shows while simultaneously watching a show on a channel. Along with the timings of a show, the guide provides its MPAA ratings, the cast, and a brief outline based on the plot or theme of the show.

The planner-like interface actually helps the viewer plan the shows he/she wished to watch and set reminders accordingly. The guide, apart from showing the schedule for the present day, also intimates the viewers about the schedule for upcoming programs on succeeding days.

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If a reminder is set, the auto-tune feature would automatically change your current viewing channel to that particular show at the said time.

Categories and Custom Guides

The guide can either display all channels in a single list, or display them in relevant categories. For instance, all news channels would be clubbed under ‘news’, and all movie channels can be seen under the ‘movies’ category. Similarly, it features several other categories to help the viewer navigate easily.

Another useful feature is the search option, which enables the viewer to search a specific show by entering related keywords like the title, name of the actor, etc.

To make things easier, a viewer can club his/her favorite or frequently viewed channels to a separate list and can quickly navigate to this list to view a frequently watched channel instead of searching it from scratch.

This feature is also referred to as custom guide, and helps the user switch channels quicker by skipping the process of browsing through all the channels. This can be achieved by navigating to the My Channels tab.

The DVR Upgrade

The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) upgrade to the set-top box also allows viewers to record their favorite shows and watch them later. The set-top box can automatically record at certain viewer-specified time intervals in the viewer’s absence. So missing a crucial football match or an important daily soap episode isn’t a problem anymore.

The Hopper upgrade, which has upgraded even more over the years, is loaded with several features.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2 TB storage
  • Autohop (commercial free TV)
  • Primetime Anytime
  • Voice Remote
  • Adaptive Carbon UI
  • Recording of up to 16 channels simultaneously
  • Sync with mobile devices

Value-Added Services

The program guide is one of the major features which makes the Dish Network television service superior to the traditional cable TV. Cable television did not provide any such means of navigation or features that made the television viewing experience convenient and interesting.

In addition to the user friendly program guide, Dish Network also provides interactive games and learning applications for kids, which again adds to their pros.

The Dish Network features several channel packages starting from USD 59.99 per month for 190 Channels. The cost increases as the number of channels do. They also provide several value-added (paid) services like Pay-Per-View, Video On Demand, Movies, Music, Dish Anywhere, etc.

Apart from television services, Dish Network is also a leading service provider for Internet and telephone services. The details about the different channel packages and other services can be found on the official website. The on-screen program guide is a very useful feature provided by Dish Network which aims for a better television-viewing experience.


Prices mentioned are subject to change according to location and offers.

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