Types of DirecTV Receivers

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Types of DirecTV Receivers

Here are the different types of receivers available with the satellite TV service of DirecTV. Continue reading to know more about them.

If you have recently opted for the satellite TV service of DirecTV, another component you must have received with it, is a receiver, which is commonly known as a ‘Set Top Box’. This is one of the most important parts of the entire service and basically is a multifunctional device. It not only transfers the signals, but also, in some cases, performs functions such as recording a particular program and offering better quality.

Today, due to the competition, or you can say, due to the continuous upgradation in technology, there have emerged different types of receivers. Different receivers offer different services, something that increases the variety for us. Another important addition here is that these services come with universal remotes so that you don’t have to keep multiple remotes for various electronics. Here are the 4 types of DirecTV receivers models that are available with the DirecTV satellite service.

Standard Receiver

This is the most basic model in all the receivers. It offers a customized guide wherein you can personalize the channels of your choice, just the way you want. Another additional feature that comes with this receiver is the listing feature, where you can view all the program listing of the next three days. If you want to block some specific channels, so that your children cannot view them, you can do that with the help of DirecTV parental controls and remote control programming.

HD Receiver

Want to take your TV viewing experience to the next level? Try DirecTV HD Receivers that give you a high-definition (HD) picture quality. Just a HDTV doesn’t provide you with high-definition picture viewing. For this, you need a HD Service as well as a HD Receiver. With this DirecTV receiver, you will get a superb picture resolution of 1080i. With this kind of resolution, you can imagine the quality of picture you will get to view. To enhance it even more, you can try this service with a 3D TV.

DVR Receiver

A DVR Receiver makes a TV watching experience as personal as it can get. With this receiver, you can watch television according to your schedule, whenever you want to. This receiver offers an additional feature of recording programs along with complete 100% digital sound and picture. Not only this, you can access these recordings through your computer or your cell phone even.

HD DVR Receiver

With this receiver, there is a bonus package that one receives. Not only do you get to see the pictures with 1080p HD resolutions, but also get to watch 400 latest movies absolutely free, along with all the channel featured in the DirecTV channels list. Apart from these movies, you also get to see 4000 shows and other movies on DIRECTV CINEMA plus, again at no extra costs. There absolutely remains no need for us to visit the cinemas. According to reviews, this is the best receiver with features that provide you both, one of the best picture quality and the entire package of movies as well. Recording features mentioned above are included in this receiver as well.

If you want to buy these receivers, you can call the DirecTV helpline and get your doubts cleared. One thing you must remember is that certain receivers are available only with a certain package. Which means that you have to pay a certain amount to avail receivers with better functions and services.

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