Is DirecTV Internet Service Really Good? Here’s an Honest Answer

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Is DirecTV Internet Service Good?

Boasting of a speed that is 30 times faster than the other service providers, DirecTV Internet is considered the best in the field. Whether this claim really holds ground, is something that can be only said after subjecting it to a thorough review.

That DirecTV, a pioneer in the field of satellite television with over 18 million subscribers, has come up with its own Internet service in the United States shouldn’t really come as a surprise. After all, the massive rise in the number of Internet users across the globe has prompted many companies to invest in this flourishing business.

DirecTV Internet Service Review

DirecTV partners with some of the bigwigs from the industry, like AT&T, Verizon, and HughesNet to provide its Internet service. At 1 Mbps, the download speed is also up to the mark. You can choose from one of the six packages on offer; the least expensive being the SELECT Pack, which costs USD 19.99 per month.

The triple play bundle, which clubs the Internet with satellite television and phone, is your best bet, as it helps you save USD 10 every month for a whole year. If you are an existing customer, you also get to avail some discount on Internet connection. A bundled bill for the three services means you don’t face the hassle of paying three different bills. That is bound to add to the convenience factor, which is important for many people.

Note: DirecTV subscription fees and installation charges differ from region to region. You can go to their official website and use your zip code to get the details.

As in the case of any product, even DirecTV Internet also has its pros and cons which you need to weigh if you plan to opt for this service. Its USP is the high-speed connection that it boasts of. Even though the DSL service provided by the company is slower than Broadband and satellite Internet, it is much faster than that of other service providers.

Then again, it’s worth noting that the Broadband connection is the fastest of the three options available. The satellite connection may not be fast, but it does help the company tap the rural customer base which has been long left untapped due to the lack of infrastructure. As far as the customer service is concerned, DirecTV is unlikely to give you a chance to complain.

That being said, when it comes to DirecTV satellite Internet, bad weather can disrupt signal and result in connection problems at times. Yet another negative attribute of this service is the high cost incurred, which may not go down well with everybody. They do provide a two-year contract option, but the hefty buyout clause that comes along is bound to dissuade the average customer.

At the end of the day, DirecTV Internet is an apt option for those who have no other means of accessing high-speed Internet. The soaring popularity of Internet does speak volumes about the increasing popularity of DirecTV, but it’s better off to compare it with other products available in the market. Comparing these products will help you determine which of these is ideal for you.

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