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If the latest Xbox 360 model is too pricey for you, you can consider buying a cheaper one from a variety of sources. Be cautious though, because many people will try selling you a faulty console, which is not worth half the price that they quote.

There are plenty of cheap 360s that you can locate and purchase over the Internet today. The prices for these consoles will be very competitive, and you can get yourself a great bargain if you search the Internet well enough. The reason for this is that the newest version of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was released in June 2010 at the annually held E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) convention, and many people are getting rid of their older models in order to own this one. The newest versions are the 320 GB Xbox 360 S consoles, and it is no surprise that people are soon going to be flocking the markets for them.

Microsoft has stopped the production of all older models of the console, so you can only purchase these from the Internet, from a friend of yours or from a store that sells used consumer electronics. Needless to say, these will be second-hand and used consoles so you will need to be wary about the source from where you will be getting the device. The deals that you could get are absolutely amazing, and you could even get some great consoles for as low as $50.

Buying a Cheap Xbox 360

One of the best places to get good deals on these consoles is the online auction website, eBay. You will find some great deals here, and all your requirements will be met. The only downside is that you will have to settle for an older Xbox 360 model, but this is a compromise that you can surely make. The current Xbox 360 model that is available in the market is known as the Xbox 360 S, and this has a slimmer design than the older models, a 250 GB hard drive and integrated Wi-Fi capability as well.

This model has 5 USB ports and a special port for the Microsoft Kinect system as well. All these features obviously come at a cost, and this device will cost you $299. Some people may be unwilling to pay such a big amount for some features that may be deemed unnecessary. The simple fact that this is the only new model available in the market today, makes the need for the cheapest one all the more profound.

There are older consoles that you will be able to find on the Internet. The hard drive space is an important factor for such video game consoles, and you can find a model that suits your requirements. The maximum space that you can get is 320 GB, and the lowest is 20 GB. The price will obviously differ between these two specifications.

Other Considerations

As mentioned above, when you buy the console, you will have to be wary about the piece that you are buying, and the source from where you are buying it. The problem with the Xbox 360 is that it has a lot of defects and problems that arise from time to time. These problems will occur even more frequently in a console that has already been used. You need to ensure that you are not buying a defective piece. For this reason, you need to physically examine the console yourself.

In order to achieve this, you must buy your pre-owned or refurbished Xbox 360 console from a source in your town, or somewhere close by. If you are opting for a website then make sure that the seller provides a substantial warranty period. If you find a great deal that is many states away, and will thus have to be packaged to you, it is best to stay away. Do not complete the payment until you have checked the console that you are purchasing. There are many people who will try to get rid of their faulty Xbox 360 console by offering you a seemingly great price for it, and they may even try bundling some Xbox 360 games with it in order to sweeten the deal.

It sounds like a great deal indeed, but you need to be very careful. If you have done your research properly, and are careful enough, then you can get a great bargain for this amazing video game console. On the other hand, you may like to save up enough money to buy a new Xbox 360 console offered as a part of a special holiday bundle by the manufacturer or wait for a special offer for an older model. It is true that you will be spending much more than you can afford, but on the positive side, you will be able to enjoy your Xbox console to the fullest.

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