Pros and Cons of DirecTV Internet: A Complete Review

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DirecTV Internet Review

For the past several years, the entry of DirecTV (DTV) in the Internet technology market has created ripples in the media. For customers, DTV’s foray into the Internet technology market has been an opportunity to witness competitive pricing and better customer services. In this article, we will review the Internet services of the DirecTV. Have a look.

DirecTV (DTV) is one of the pioneers in the television broadcasting world having been in existence for more than a decade. It has subscribers spread across the US, Latin America and several parts of the Caribbean and is the largest United States satellite broadcaster (its chief competitor Dish Network retains the second position.). The Internet service provided by DirecTV has been remarkable in capturing a bigger share of the television and Internet market. For customers, it has opened new avenues for integrating the Internet technology with enhanced television watching experience.

Reviews: The Good and the Bad

While reviewing DirecTV Internet services, we need to remain unbiased and look at both sides of the coin. There are no well-documented statistics to count the number of satisfied or disgruntled customers of DirecTV Internet services. Since using a service depends mostly on each user’s unique experience, there are bound to be differences on the merits and demerits of the service cited by different people.

On a general note, we can look at several parameters like customer service, Internet speed and pricing etc., that can help us to take an informed decision. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that the decision to buy any service solely depends on the customer’s fair sense of judgment. This write-up just aims to be a helpful guide for customers on arriving at informed decisions.

The Good

In today’s market, there are various DirecTV Internet options available for customers at affordable prices. This helps customers to choose from a wide range of services provided by DirecTV. With many discounted as well low paid plans, Direct TV has tried to woo its new customers and retain the existing ones. The Internet service is provided through three methods that again increase the choices for its customers.

The DSL connection, broadband connection and satellite dish are the three paths through which DTV provides Internet facility to its customers. Integrating all these three technologies has again helped customers to a large extent. In remote areas where it has not been possible to integrate cable or DSL connection, it is possible to choose DirecTV Internet service, as it is provided through the satellite dish method.

Moreover, another exciting aspect about DirecTV Internet services is that customers can have access to nearly 3000 channels. This means that they can have widest range of selections of movies, music, sports, TV shows, sitcoms, etc. Another feature of DirecTV Internet services is that they require the least number of hardware. All you need is a high speed Internet connection and DirecTV Internet software set that requires installation.

Many customers have also preferred to switch from cable television to DirecTV because of complaints related to poor reception quality and higher prices of cable networks. Being devoid of cable networks, there have been reduced chances of transmission problems in DirecTV. So, this is another area where DirecTV has been impressive.

Besides all these benefits, DirecTV Internet deals can be negotiated depending on your speed requirements and the area you’re residing. Speedy connectivity is certainly good for DirecTVs owing to the usage of satellites. Some other benefits of DirecTV Internet is that it is easily portable and just by using modem and dish you can get 24 x 7 connectivity. Also, the installation of DirecTV Internet is very simple. It can be easily done without the help of expert technicians.

The Bad

DirecTV Internet has some flaws too that customers must be aware of before choosing this service. Direct Internet TV needs permanent mounting, so if you’re planning to use home services while traveling, you may have to face some problems in the transmission. Weather, fog, lightning and ice, etc., affect the quality of transmission but certainly isn’t a major cause of concern unlike in cable network.

Even comparison of DirecTV vs. comcast will give you an idea of the crucial differences between these two media broadcasting services. It is noteworthy to state that some customers have reported issues of poor customer service while some have expressed issues related to no payback guarantees. It is certainly possible that with such a large base of customers, there can be some issues related to Internet services but we need to give DirecTV a benefit of doubt, for their stronghold in the television market.

With millions of DirecTV Internet subscribers and the numbers still increasing, there are high chances that it will become a crucial industry in the coming years. The price of getting a direct Internet TV although may not appear very cheap, it can turn out to be a wise decision in the long run, if we consider the discounted plans.

In fact, all companies give customers an opportunity to avail special services and packs for one or two years that contain various discounts packages. So, in the last analysis, customers can go ahead and try the subscription of DirecTV Internet service and check out its efficient services! It can be a refreshing change from traditional cable TV experience.

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