Digital Phone Recorder Features

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Digital Phone Recorder Features

If you are looking for a gadget to record the conversations on your phone, then you should opt for a digital phone recorder, which are far superior to cassette recorders.

There are several reasons why conversations need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed. While recording phone conversations is not a new thing, a digital phone recorder far exceeds the competition―the cassette recorder―in performance.

There are different features available depending on the manufacturer and the budget. Almost ninety-six hours of conversations can be recorded on top-of-the-line devices. This amazing technology also provides improved voice clarity. There are no tapes which can be damaged, worn out, or torn. Recordings can be played and replayed without the quality of the recorded voice or two-way conversation put to risk. These devices are totally silent as there are no running tapes that can be heard as the machine records. These systems are also smaller than cassette recorders; some as small as 5 inches in length.

Types of Digital Phone Recorders

These phone recorders come in two major types―line Activated and voice Activated. In line activated models, battery power is not used in between phone calls. Thus, although a month can pass before, say, 15 hours of phone conversation is used up, the batteries (2 AAA) will last that long. Voice activated recorders use battery power simply waiting for a phone call. So, the batteries last only for 8 hours, regardless of length of conversations recorded.

Digital recorders also feature ‘Auto Advance’, where after a folder has filled up with messages, recordings automatically save in the next folder. The Deluxe Digital Series have 8 folders that contain 128 files in every folder. This allows for accumulating 1024 time-date stamped phone calls without paying any attention to how much power supply was used.

Line Activated Digital recorders include the DPR-17 and DPR-34; which are the best in case you are dependent on batteries. Since these systems do not utilize battery power while waiting for a phone call, they have become synonymous with the term ‘0 Battery drain’.

One thing to note, however, is that line activated recorders do not operate on digital multi-line phone systems. Companies and businesses that have digital phone lines from the phone company coming into their buildings will not trigger the recording mechanism, as these recorders have to receive an analog signal to start operating.

Best Digital Phone Recorder

The Diasonic DDR-5K (2GB) Pro, 565-hour, digital audio recorder is the world’s most advanced digital audio recorder, telephone recorder, MP3 player, FM radio recorder/player, and pocket hard drive rolled into one. All the features asked for are packed into one easy-to-operate high-quality recorder. This unit has all state-of-the-art Diasonic features like ‘pause/resume’ control and automatic file and folder advance. There is 32 Kbps digital sampling rate and unsurpassed Diasonic quality, making it the recorder of choice for professional users. The all-new ‘one-touch toggle’ makes all playback functions like volume, fast forward, and reverse a snap.

Most phone recording devices start recording when the receiver is lifted and stop when the phone is hung up. With the advent of digital phone recorders, the need for cassette tapes and tape flipping is eliminated. These can be played recorded over without any loss in recording quality. All phone recorders have a voice activation feature that saves hours by only recording when sound is detected. Also, digital phone/room recorders are silent as there are no running tapes. Some recorders even have a USB port for connecting them to computers.

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