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Different Types of Media Coverage

Different Types of Media Coverage You May Not Have Known Earlier

Media coverage has grown in leaps and bounds over the decades, bringing countries closer together and influencing viewers the world over in different aspects of everyday life.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Media coverage can be defined as the way in which a particular piece of information is presented by media either as news, entertainment or as infotainment. It can affect the extent of information dissemination as well as influence the audience opinion while giving out the information. Bad coverage can ruin the image of a company, it can mar the positive publicity of a political party, and can even defame a celebrity. On the other hand, positive coverage can help create a better image and positive public opinion. Different types of media coverage can be defined based on two important elements - the type of mass media used, and the style of coverage.
Mass Media Types
Television coverage refers to the presentation of news, information, and views on the television. Television news channels are the primary source of media coverage.
Radio coverage involves broadcasting news, information, and entertainment via the radio. Nowadays, the popularity of this medium has gone down.
Newspaper coverage refers to providing news, information, and infotainment using the newspapers. This is a cost-effective medium, however, is losing popularity to the internet.
Internet coverage means the using the Internet to provide information, news, views, and entertainment. This is one of the most popular and widely used media today.
Coverage Style
Biased coverage refers to presentation of information in a biased manner which means that the coverage is either supporting a particular view or opposing a particular view.
Un-biased coverage refers to unbiased presentations of facts and figures in a matter-of-fact manner instead of taking any particular stand on the issue.
Interactive coverage refers to the presentation of information and also including audience views in it, which makes the coverage interactive.
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