Data Recovery Software Reviews

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Data Recovery Software Reviews

Recovering or restoring deleted or lost files, due to a hard disk crash or corrupt CD is possible, with the right recovery software. Investing in such programs is wise, especially with sensitive and high risk data or if your machine faces repeated crashes and functioning issues. Scroll below for a round-up of the best software for data recovery.

Your hard disk has crashed, innumerable files and data is destroyed, years or days or weeks of work and information collecting rendered a waste of time.. is all hope lost? Can the seemingly impossible happen, i.e you can get your data back? The answer is yes, by using a software program specifically designed to get your data back. Data recovery software specialize in restoring lost data to a computer.

Multiple file types and formats, different situations that can cause a data loss (corrupt drive, OS crash, mistaken deletion), different devices (USB’s, SD cards)etc. such software are the cavalry for us, error-prone computer users. Such software can restore data, even if a virus or Trojan worm attacks your system and corrupts or destroys files present. Read on, for a look at some of the best data recovery software, to help in your data restoration process.

Data Recovery Software Reviews

☛ Digital Rescue Premium

  • All rounder – used to recover deleted files, email and media (photos, music)
  • Presents deleted data in informative format and restores multiple files at a time
  • Smart scanning ability – scans data storage device and auto detects deleted files
  • Will work on computers and phones and cameras, with SD card slot
  • You can choose which deleted document version to restore and preview files prior to restoring them
  • Recovers old files, prior to software’s installation as well
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000 OS
  • Price: $50

☛ Recover My Files

  • Capable of data recovery from emptied Recycle Bin, disk failure, formatted drive or partitioning failure
  • Will recover documents, media files and emails
  • Preview data prior to restoration
  • Will work on floppy disk, ZIP files, digital camera SD card, USB drive and computer hard disk
  • Compatible with any Windows OS
  • Free trial version available for download
  • Price: $70

☛ Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

  • Compatible with HFS, HFS+, HFS wrapper and FAT disk system types on a Mac machine
  • Will recover files, email, media and images
  • Recovers data in case of formatted or disk crash
  • Will work on Mac computer, USB drive, SD cards and memory sticks, Firewire drives
  • Can recover data from iPod as well
  • Boot feature allows software to boot up system if OS fails to boot on its own
  • Creates mountable snapshot of hard disk, so recover data in bulk using snapshot
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 and 10.3.9
  • Will not work with Windows OS
  • Price: $100

☛ R-Studio 2.6 for Mac

  • Will recover deleted files, reformatted drive, corrupted hard disk and partitioned damaged drive files
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4 and Mac OS Server 10.5
  • Supports RAID 6 disk system and dynamic disk
  • Recovers data from CD, DVD, memory cards and sticks, ZIP files, USB drives
  • Recover files in bulk, create byte by byte copy of drive (image) to keep a backup of files
  • Price: $80

Specific Data Recovery Software Reviews

The following software are device specific recovery models.

☛ Quick Recovery for Pen Drive

  • Software functions in read-only mode, where data is recovered without changing contents of drive
  • Capable of recovering any file type from pen drive
  • Supports recovery of SD and MMC cards as well as digital camera storage cards
  • Guided File Excavation Technology allows lost file recovery
  • Search for a particular file that you wish to recover
  • Works on Windows Vista OS
  • Price: $70

☛ CDRoller 9.10

  • Software designed purely for recovery of files on CD and DVD storage device
  • Will recover DVD movies and images created by DVD players and cameras
  • Will recover data from scratched or defective CDs and DVDs
  • Can recover video and images from memory cards and drives
  • Built-in DVD/CD burning feature, directly burn new CD or DVD with recovered data
  • Supports CD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and HD-DVD formats
  • Supports Blu-ray disc format
  • Will work on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 OS
  • Price: $40

☛ Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software

  • Designed primarily for SQL database recovery
  • Works with SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008
  • Recovers table data, stored procedures, constraints and triggers
  • Recover queries, views and triggers to a text file for editing
  • Allows selection of which table or data to recover
  • Preview data prior to restoration
  • Works on Windows XP/2000/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2008/2003
  • Price: $400

Other database recovery products from Stellar Phoenix support Access, Db2, Oracle and SharePoint databases

The delicate nature of the operation and the high risk involved, makes it important to choose an elite and feature packed recovery software. So try not to use free, downloadable versions and opt for paid brands. Check out the free trial version, prior to purchase to ensure your comfort level with the interface and features. Hopefully the above reviews will help you make a uniformed choice amongst the various software available.

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