Cydia Apps

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Cydia Apps

Here you’ll find cydia apps to use once you’ve jailbroken into your iPhone, as well as applications for your iPod Touch and iPad. Read more on which applications you should hook up with…

Cydia is the hackers version of the iTunes Apple store, which when accessed, engulfs users with hundreds of applications. There are applications that can be used on your iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad, to give yourself the ultimate browsing experience, with most of these applications coming for free. With everyone paying so much so get their hands on one or many of Apple’s creations, who’s to ask us to pay for applications too right? So get yourself these must have cydia apps, that are teeming with cool software enhancements.

Cydia Apps for iDevices

The top cydia apps, are those which keep users coming back for more, along with making choices easier when it comes to which application to download. Here’s giving you a glimpse of some of the apps available, once you know how to use cydia.


This is one pretty cool app, simply because it comes with interesting features. There are two main uses for this – it allows you to create two lists (blacklists and whitelists), for contacts. This application can block certain contacts depending on what settings you put in. This can be used for messages as well, where SMSs can be erased from those you wish to not hear from. It also gives users the ability to turn on notifications privacy to avoid SMS pop ups, when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Video Recorder 3G

Since the iPhone’s recording capabilities are poor, video recorder 3G steps in to replace that flaw. It isn’t all that great in terms of clarity, but something is better than nothing right?


This allows you to manipulate how your iPhone sounds and looks, by going to cydia to choose from the multitude of themes available. Theme options need to be ticked before actually seeing it on the phone. So don’t forget to select the ‘active’ option to set your springboard settings, before your new theme settings get activated.


This application, as many wouldn’t agree surprisingly, is one of the best cydia applications for the iPhone. It has an upgraded version which is making waves presently, with settings like set privacy options, set stream titles, allow Qik to view your location, hide chats and also send alerts to Twitter.


This serves those who are members of’s music service. You can ‘scrobble’ the songs you listen to via the application and also of songs you listen to via the iPod application. You can even see how many tracks have been ‘scrobbled’.

Be sure to check out the following apps as well for a hands on experience with the best there is for IDevice users.

  • My3G
  • Mark Read
  • AndriodLockXT
  • IntelliScreen
  • FullScreen for Safari
  • FaceBreak
  • BiteSMS
  • iControl
  • MXTube
  • MultiCleaner
  • Graviboard
  • PkgBackup
  • ScrollingBoard
  • CyDelete
  • iPicMyContacts
  • bigU Movies
  • SecretSMS
  • LockCalendar
  • Locktopus
  • EZDecline
  • 3G Unrestrictor
  • Navigate From Maps
  • Cycorder
  • Cylay 3.0
  • MobileVolumeSound
  • SwirlyMMS
  • SpringFlash
  • Wi-fi Sync
  • Covert
  • TVOut2
  • Reminder
  • GroupSend
  • EnhancedTabs

With these apps you can be sure to get acquainted with applications that are top-notch in the iDevice market today. Be sure to get downloading, and avail yourself with these wicked apps.

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