Cool Facebook Status Tricks

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Cool Facebook Status Tricks

Are you looking for some cool Facebook status tricks to impress your friends? In this article we are going to discuss some Facebook status tricks and ideas that are sure to impress your friends.

There are very few people who would not post an update on their Facebook status bar at least once a day. But your friends might get bored seeing the same boring Facebook status about your mood or what you are doing. So to jazz up your wall and to provide some entertainment for your friends, you need cool Facebook status tricks. From rotating your text upside down to changing the color of your status update, there are many cool Facebook status ideas that you can apply. Here we are going to present to you some cool status tricks for Facebook.

Adding a “Dislike” Button

You must have noticed the “Like” button that is at the bottom right corner of every post. It gives your friends the option to “Like” your wall post, photos or applications. But how about giving them the choice to “Dislike” a status update. To add a “Dislike” button next to the “Like” button, just open the application for Status Magic in Facebook and add a dislike button. If you want to experiment a little bit, you can customize the button by adding a different emotion like “boring”, “funny” or “wicked”. This will give your friends greater flexibility and they will have something more than just “liking” your post. This is one of coolest Facebook status ideas and is sure to please your friends.

Word Cloud Status Update

A very cool Facebook status tricks that will wow your friends is to turn your status update into a word cloud. To do this, you need to open the Status Analyzer 3D, which is an application in Facebook. Once you start this application, it will go through all your recent Facebook updates and then come up with a list of words that you have been using lately. A very colorful and animated word cloud consisting of some of the most used words in your updates are then generated. You can post this word cloud in your own wall or your friend’s wall.

Upside Down Text

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your friends attempt to read upside down text in your status updates. Although there is no Facebook application that will turn your text into an upside down one, still with the help of external sites it is very much possible to do it. Just go to some site like upsidedowntext, fliptext or typeupsidedown and then type our status update into it. The site will generate an upside down text which you can copy paste into your Facebook status bar.

Bubble Text

Another cool Facebook status trick is to write each letter of your status update inside bubbles. To do this, go to the site bubbleballtext and enter your status update into it. This will automatically generate your text inside bubbles. All you have to do is copy the generated text and paste it in your Facebook wall.

Adding Symbols

Although, you are allowed to add symbols in your Facebook status updates, they are not the yellow smiley faces. The only symbol that you can add is the heart symbol by typing Alt + 3. This answers the question how do you make a heart on Facebook. For adding the other symbols, you have to copy paste the symbol(s) through external sites like web-happy and universal symbols.

Tagging Friends in Facebook Status Updates

Another cool Facebook status trick that you can try is to tag a friend on your update. Everybody knows how to tag friends in photos, but tagging someone in your status update is not that common. To do this, just type @ followed by the name of the friend you want to tag in your wall. As soon as you start typing the name of the friend, a drop down menu will be displayed with all the names of your friends in Facebook. Choose the name of the friend you want to tag and press enter. Click the share button and the name of your Facebook friend will turn blue, i.e., into a hyperlink.

These were some cool Facebook status tricks. As a social networking site, Facebook is immensely popular and with these cool applications, you can make your status updates more interesting and enjoyable.

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