Cool Apps for iPhone 4

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Cool Apps for iPhone 4

A compilation of some cool apps for iPhone 4 that are available at the official App Store. You need to get these iPhone 4 apps as soon as possible, as they promise a whole new iPhone experience for iPhone users.

A look at the features of iPhone 4 makes it more than obvious that Apple has worked on the drawbacks of all the previous versions of this series. Other than being faster and sleeker than its predecessor, iPhone 4 is also armed with new features such as a front camera and the background / multitasking functions – something which the previous versions lacked. Add to this the fact that Apple has developed some new apps, and made some of the best iPhone apps 2010 compatible to this model, your Apple iPhone experience gets even better. Before we move on and have a look at what are the cool apps for iPhone 4 which you can’t afford to miss on, let’s have a brief look at the general features of iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4

All those Apple fans who were waiting to get their hands on 4th generation iPhone finally got the good news on June 7, 2010, when Apple Inc. announced the release of Apple iPhone 4. A successor to iPhone 3GS, this smartphone was eventually released in the United States, as well as United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan, on June 24, 2010. Like its predecessors (and Apple iPod touch and iPad), even iPhone 4G has iOS as its default operating system. What makes it stand apart from its predecessors is the fact that it is equipped with an Apple A4 processor and 512 MB of eDRAM. This makes it twice as fast as iPhone 3GS and four times faster than the first generation iPhone. This time around, Apple has also put in efforts to work on the drawbacks of its predecessors, and the new iPhone 4G features highlight this very fact.

Cool Apps for iPhone 4

So which are the best apps for iPhone 4? The number of applications compatible to iPhone that are available at the App Store lies way beyond the thousand mark. This makes it very difficult to choose the top 10 iPhone apps, or top 100 apps for that matter. The list of cool iPhone apps, which include utility apps, gaming apps, travel apps etc. given below will make this daunting task relatively easier for you.

Apps Description
Pandora Radio You can stream music on your iPhone 4.
Bloom You can create melodies by simply tapping on the screen.
RjDj You just feed in the rhymes, and this app will mix music on its own.
Shazam You can get the details of whichever song you want.
FlightTrack You get all the information about flight timings at mere taps of your fingers.
Zagat To Go You get the reviews and ratings of all the restaurants in your neighborhood.
TripIt – Travel Organizer You can plan all your trips and save them on your iPhone – end result easy access to the minute details of your trip.
CNN Mobile Your one stop destination for various events that are making news in different parts of the world.
NYTimes You get access to all the articles and photos published in the New York Times
The White House You can tap your way through and get access to all the newsroom stories and blog updates from The White House.
The Weather Channel You get weather forecasts for your neighborhood by downloading this app.
NASA App You get the details of all NASA discoveries and activities on your iPhone 4.
Angry Birds Your logical thinking skills will be tested when you play this strategy game.
SCRABBLE You get to play scrabble on the technologically advanced platform of Apple iPhone 4.
AccuTerra You get access to the detailed maps of natural trails and camping ground around the world.
iNavX Marine Navigation You can track your position in real time using this navigation app.
Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets You get all the information you need about movie screenings in your city.
Urbanspoon You can use Wi-Fi to access the comprehensive database of restaurants in your city.
Bento You can create your personal database with this app, and make sure that your life becomes well-organized.
National Geographic World Atlas You get to access the database of maps for the entire world on your iPhone.

While apps like The Weather Channel and CNN Mobile can help you in day-to-day life, apps like Angry Birds can make sure that you don’t get bored doing nothing. Most of the apps given here can be downloaded for free, but you will have to spend some money for other apps. Other than these must-have apps for iPhone 4, App Store also offers some other iPhone downloads which can make your iPhone experience a memorable one.

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