Computer Privacy Screen

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Computer Privacy Screen

One of the most effective ways of protecting your privacy, when using your laptop in a crowded space is using a computer privacy screen. In this article, I introduce you to this recent innovation aimed at protecting the privacy of computer users.

Today, information is a commodity in this age of rapidly evolving technology. With the easy availability of spy gadgets that can easily be used to snoop around for information and the increasing use of laptop and desktop computers in public places, privacy has become an utmost concern for most. If you are tired of people snooping around your laptop or desktop computer, to keep tab on what you’re up to, you can use a computer privacy screen, which can effectively block out sideways view. This Techspirited article is an introduction to this new product, developed to defend the privacy of computer users.

What is a Computer Privacy Screen?

This is a fairly recently introduced technology. Earlier computer screens were developed to purely protect users from the reflected lights off computer monitors and reduce eye strain. Privacy screens are one step ahead, compared to the old anti-glare screens.

Not only do they provide protection for the eyes from reflected glares, but they completely block out the screen view for anybody watching the screen at an angle. Only the person sitting in front, at a 90 degree viewing angle, gets a clear view, while all the views from other angles are blocked. They can be easily hooked on to the computer screen using clips.

While I am not exactly sure about how these screens work, my guess is that the screen is polarized with a multilayer coating to prevent any view from slant angles. These screens also inculcate all the features of anti-glare screens to prevent any light that’s reflected from the background to stress the user’s eyes. They come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit CRT, LCD and LED monitors of desktop and laptop computers. In fact, these screens are also available for use with cell phones. Depending on the size, quality and brand, privacy screens can cost anywhere between $20 to more than $300.

Benefits of Installation

There are more than one benefits of using privacy screens. The primary benefit it provides you with is, the relief from worrying about somebody spying on you from the side, when you are working on sensitive data or you engage in private Internet browsing. Having used such a screen myself in the recent past, I can vouch for its utility value.

Compared to the CRT screens of old, LCD and LED screens of laptops and desktops tend to be vulnerable to scratching and stains due to moisture condensation. A scratched surface distorts the picture and reduces clarity. This scratching can be prevented through the usage of a computer privacy screen that is thick enough to prevent them from occurring, while protecting screen from moisture. Regular monitor cleaning and installation of such a screen can lengthen its life.

Regular computer users tend to inadvertently damage their eyes, due to the stress caused by exposure to inherent brightness of the screen and reflected light for long periods. This stress can be eliminated through the installation of a privacy screen, which has anti-glare filters.

Thanks to these screens made available in the market, you don’t have to worry about people sleuthing on your computer when you are busy working in a cafe or your office space. You can order them online from Amazon or shop for them at your nearest Walmart outlet. Of the many brands which make this kind of screen available, one of the best is ‘3M’, which produces them for usage with LCD and CRT desktop, as well as laptop computers. Make sure that you check out the diagonal size of your computer screen in inches and buy the right fit. Get a screen today and say goodbye to the snooping menace!

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