Cheap Bluetooth Headset

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Cheap Bluetooth Headset

This article will tell you about some of the cheap Bluetooth headsets that are available in the market, for a wide variety of devices. Bluetooth headsets can be synced with video game consoles, mobile phones and computers.

A Bluetooth headset is one of the few accessories that you can make use of with a number of devices. Many people use these headsets with mobile phones so that they can make or receive calls without using their hands to physically hold the phone. Others use them at home to connect with their computers and video game consoles, and also to listen to music on them.

There are two different types of Bluetooth headsets based on what has been mentioned above, and the headset for the mobile phones are much smaller and fit over one ear of an individual. The bigger ones that can be synced with other devices, are much bigger and they cover both ears much like a set of headphones do. In fact, the only notable difference between normal and Bluetooth headphones is the presence of a microphone on a Bluetooth headphone, and this is something which is lacking in normal ones.

Bluetooth Headphones for PS3

A good headphone that works with the Sony PlayStation 3 will also be compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360, and these are excellent for online gaming. One can use it to communicate and share information with teammates and opponents during any online game and this is a very handy feature to have. Moreover, since the headset functions on Bluetooth technology, there is no need to attach it to the console with a wire. Doing so has many space and distance constraints for the gamer.

To find the best deals you will have to carry out an adequate amount of research, and find a number of sources. Bundled deals and festive season sales will give you some good bargains, and you can end up getting a cheap headset from many different vendors. Not opting for branded headsets will also achieve the same purpose. Buying a used or second-hand headset is not advisable though.

Bluetooth Headset Price
Komodo PS3 Freedom Bluetooth Headset $15.00
Sony 98095 3 Bluetooth Headset $20.00
GameCom P90 Wireless Headset $21.00
Kobian USA HS-PS3BT1000 Bluetooth Headset $23.00
Datel 197059 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS3 $29.00
Icon Bluetooth Headset $29.99
Mad Catz MWS088600/08/4 Bluetooth Headset $30.00

Good Bluetooth Headset for iPhone

When it comes to picking out the best Bluetooth headset for the iPhone and for other smartphones, the design of the headset becomes much smaller and compact. One cannot expect people to walk around with giant headsets, so the size needs to be very small indeed. The most notable use of these headsets is while the person is driving, even though there are many other useful instances as well. Any cell phone with Bluetooth connectivity can be synced to the headsets that you use.

You can visit websites like Amazon and eBay, to find some great deals and bargains for any such item that you wish for, and you will be amazed at the prices on offer there. Other shopping websites also grant some very generous discounts from time to time. You must be warned though, that if you are looking for the best Bluetooth headset that is compatible with an Apple iPhone you must do your research properly, because not all headsets are compatible. This is why it is difficult to find cheap headsets for the iPhone and most of them will fall in the Premium or top Bluetooth headsets category. On the other hand, it should not be too much of a problem to get reasonably priced headsets for other mobile brands.

If there are other purposes (like listening to music) that you wish to use your headset for, here are some choices of cheap Bluetooth stereo headsets that you can look out for. Stereo headsets will offer you better audio quality and clarity than your regular mono headsets, so they have a clear advantage.

Bluetooth Headset Price
Popular Ergonomic Bluetooth Headset 700 $9.99
New Bluedio E9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset $14.99
Ever-e T901s Bluetooth Stereo Headset $31.99
Ever-e T909s Bluetooth Stereo Headset $33.99

There are plenty more choices available in the market for those looking for cheap Bluetooth headsets. It all depends on how patient you are, and what all sources you are looking at. With the right amount of research and contacts, you can find a great deal for yourself. But you must try not to keep a very low-budget, because by doing so you will inadvertently compromise on the quality of the Bluetooth headset that you purchase.

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