Cell Phone Signatures

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Cell Phone Signatures

Almost everyone across the globe uses a cell phone for both, personal and professional purposes. Cell phone signatures are cute catch phrases, pen names, or icons, used to sign off with, while carrying out text conversations with people.

Mobile Phones

Messaging signatures are nothing but words or phrases that are included at the very end of text messages. Generally, they are supposed to be less than 15 characters. The concept is quite similar to that of email signatures. To make them, you can choose from the alphabets, numbers, and even fancy symbols. When it comes to these, you can be as creative as you want. You can play around with spaces, upper and lower case letters, commas, hyphens, slashes, brackets, and all other symbols that the cell phone supports. It is simply a matter of showing your unique identity to the receiver of the message. The signatures are set for every message, and they give a personalized touch to your SMSes.

Making Cell Phone Signatures
There are no rules and regulations as such, for making these signatures. However, just make sure that they are not too long. An SMS signature should bring a smile on the receiver’s face. In order to make it, you will have to access your phone’s message settings. Note that the settings and procedure vary from phone to phone. Also, make sure if your device has a signature making facility, as some mobile phones do not.

If your phone does not have this facility, you can save a template of your choice, and use it every time you want to send an SMS. Even though there is a general limit to it, you need not compromise on your creativity. You have the choice of a wide range of themes, such as music, movies, books, songs, hobbies, cars, or simply a quality you possess.

Ideas and Tips
You can either use typical symbols to create your signature, or come up with your own personalized one. For example, the symbol ‘<3' resembles the shape of a heart, and you can use it as one of the signatures about love. So, using this symbol, you can create something like 'I<3Yoo' or 'I<3<3'. The same symbol can also mean an ice cream cone. You can use it the way you like. This is just an illustration of how creative you can be, in making customized signatures. A good way of coming up with new ones is to try typing words in a fancy pattern. You can consider choosing your favorites for this purpose. Following is a small list of good signatures that you can try.

  • BrokenHe@rted
  • $$$RichNFamus$$$
  • <3CuTiE<3
  • *OnLeeU*
  • !N3V3R GoN3!
  • H3@rTZ Burneen
  • GuD~HeAVEN
  • TRuST Me ‘N’ U
  • Bea Happi
  • 1NONlee
  • *iLy*
  • !Single&LuvinIt!
  • Coolio Budoolio Fartoolio Turdoolio
  • ilovehim(:
  • 2cUtE4yEwH(;
  • mNOTshort,mFUNSIZE!
  • LoVeMe.HaTeMe.IcOuLdNtCaReLeSs
  • On my Own wave
  • Love-Laugh-Live
  • *Set fire to the rain*
  • Mylife-Myway
  • My way or The highway?:P
  • S[he’s] Br[ok]en
  • *Love Is Blind*
  • *(your favorite song)*
  • -CrazyStupidLove-
  • -BabieGurl-
  • -RadioRebel-
  • $Ridin’ Solo$
  • #Living the Single Life*
  • UntangledSingle

You can change cell phone signatures whenever and however you want, when you find a better signature theme. If you are thinking about the simplest, uncomplicated signature, you can always use your name. You may pair it with your partner’s name as well.

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