Best Websites for Women

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Best Websites for Women

There are certain things women like to read when they are online. While some like to read about fashion, homemaking, and lifestyle stuff, there are others who choose business, politics, and social issues dealing with women. There are many websites that cater specifically to women by hosting content of their interest. These websites find a place on women’s favorites’ list. This article provides you with a list of the best websites for women.

What you would like to read online, depends on the kind of person you are and your interests. Broadly speaking, guys would go in for men’s fashion, sports, bikes, cars, girls, and gadgets, while girls would choose to read on homemaking, food, fashion, and makeup. Well, it’s not right to typecast; there are men as interested in cooking and homemaking and women equally interested in bikes, cars, and sports. And when it comes to websites meant specifically for women, they do cater to both types of female readers; the ones who like the usual girly stuff as well as those who don’t.

For answers to questions like how to fix a light bulb or how to bake a cake, as well as for guidance on education, career, relationships, parenting, and more, the Internet is what most people turn to. Among the millions of websites that provide information and entertainment to their users, there are some meant only for women. A few of these host content for the women, by the women on topics of their interest. They host content on women’s health issues, women’s fashion, recipes, hobbies, maternity, and baby care, among other for-the-women topics. Here we give you some websites that are popular with women and enlist some of the best ones meant for them.

This site proves beneficial for women of all ages and interests. It has a huge number of resources on topics of a wide variety. It covers issues like pregnancy, parenting, beauty, fashion, food, recipes, relationships, entertainment, and many more. It also has a few games that can keep the women occupied.

It is a visual tool, using which people collect a variety of ideas for their projects. It is also used as a recreational means as viewing images of one’s interest is a fun thing to do. Although it is not meant exclusively for women, it has a tremendous female following. It features a lot of interesting topics like art, nature, science, fashion, education, and food, among others. According to a recent survey, one third of the female population in the US uses Pinterest.

Bella Online
It offers articles written by women, and for them. It includes topics like family, health, books, music, religion, gardening, home decor, beauty and fashion, entertainment, shopping, etc. There are hundreds of articles written every single day, on issues that women have to deal with.

LoveToKnow: Women & Shopping
This is one of the best options for clothing and shopping. There are articles about what ladies should look for when shopping for nightwear, perfumes, shoes, clothes, and pants. There are shopping tips for plus-size clothes and lingerie. You can also find good links to shopping sites that sell products for pregnant women and new mothers.

MSN Lifestyle: Women
It provides self-generated topics and articles about home, lifestyle, health, food, entertainment, beauty, fashion, shopping, books, music, careers, relationships, body and soul, etc. It also has a few links to dating sites for seniors.

Websites for Specific Interests
Fashion and Clothing
You don’t have to be genius to know that women are on the forefront when it comes to fashion! They love to explore the latest fashionable trends in dresses, bags, shoes, and the like. Some of the popular websites catering to this aspect of women’s interests are Versace, Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stella McCartney. The others include:

  • NecessaryClothing
  • FashionDig
  • Handbag
  • Shop.2020 Ave
  • Soul-Flower
  • Stockingirl

Every woman loves to have accessories that go with her outfit, different ones for every occasion and attire. Jimmy Choo, Buckle, and Harrods are some popular names in this category of websites for women. And there are others like:

  • Aldoshoes
  • Asos
  • FreePeople
  • TheOutnet
  • PrettyLittleThing
  • GoJane
  • Elle

Shopping is the best way for a woman to feel good. It’s a great way to let out all the stress. No wonder they say that shopping is therapeutic. Amazon is the most popularly explored website for shopping. Others include:

  • Revolveclothing
  • UrbanOutfitters
  • NastyGal
  • DailyLook
  • BlueFly
  • Shopgarageonline
  • Singer22
  • Romwe

Beauty and Skin Care
Women are always conscious about how they look, whatever their age. They love to surf about beauty, makeup, and skin care; they can talk about it all day; and everyone knows how much they love to shop for beauty products. Some websites have rightly captured this inclination in women. Some of these websites review beauty products and give makeup tips, while others allow shopping for skin care products. Among these, Chanel, MAC Cosmetics, and Laura Mercier are very famous. Others are:

  • BeautyAddicts
  • Guerlain
  • Sephora
  • Bellasugar
  • Style
  • BeautyBar
  • Blissworld
  • Apothica

Pregnancy and Parenting
Pregnancy is perhaps the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. During this phase, she needs advice for herself and for the unborn baby. Once the baby is born, she needs advice on taking good care of her little one. Two of the best websites that help her with this are The Bump and Babble. Others include:

  • Whattoexpect
  • Babycenter
  • Letspanic
  • Kellymom
  • TheFeministBreeder
  • Earthmamaangelbaby
  • TheGlow
  • InaMay (By Ina May Gaskin)
  • WAHM

When dating or in a relationship, a woman might want to know how to handle the relationship well and how to keep the spark alive. She might need to know about the communication and gifting etiquette in a relationship or may seek advice on fidelity, sex, marriage, and children. For many of these concerns, the Internet is her guide. EHarmony and Match are quite popular with women. Others in the category are:

  • Sheversushe
  • Simplerelationshipdatingtips
  • Networkedblogs
  • Romantic antics for men (and women, too)
  • 20-Nothings
  • Domainleia
  • Dating.Telegraph

A woman loves to keep her house spic and span, and also explore new ways of decorating it. She wants tips on accessorizing the interiors to make her home cozier and more welcoming. For tips on home decor, women frequent websites like Zara Home and Z Gallerie. The others in the list are:

  • BallardDesign
  • OneKingsLane
  • Fab
  • Hm
  • DwellStudio
  • Target
  • Freshome
  • Apartmenttherapy
  • Cococozy

Most women are fond of cooking. They love to experiment with different food ingredients and make their dishes taste different. New methods of cooking, food presentation, and nutrition are topics of their interest. For help in the kitchen, Food Network is popular. Others in this category are:

  • Laraferroni (Cook&Eat)
  • JustLuxe
  • AllRecipes
  • RecipeLink
  • SkinnyTaste

Careers and Entrepreneurship
Women have stepped out of their houses to explore careers of their choice and ventured domains that were once dominated by the males. Many women entrepreneurs have emerged successful and many are on their way to making a brilliant career in a field of their interest. There are websites dedicated to career choices and those telling success stories of women who have made it big in the corporate sector. The EveryGirl and Meetup are some well-known names in this category. Others are:

  • DamesBond
  • TheBossNetwork
  • ChangetheRatio
  • ChicCEO
  • Recessionista
  • WomenEntrepreneur
  • BrightFirenetwork
  • LinkedIn
  • Foundingmoms

Blogs are a platform to express one’s views through writing, and share with the world, one’s experiences in life. While some bloggers narrate their life experiences, others write blogs on specific topics or subjects of their expertise. Depending on the subjects and style of writing, these blogs have their own following on the web. Those popular among women include:

  • Corporette
  • BlogHer
  • Strollerderby
  • TheBloggess
  • Pioneerwoman
  • SheTakesOnTheWorld
  • TechMamas
  • BusinessChicks

Health and Fitness
A woman’s health is of foremost importance to her, as it is for anyone. WebMD and MayoClinic are two of the very authentic sources of health information. Some of the best websites on women’s health issues include:

  • Popsugar
  • FitBottomedGirls
  • BlissTree
  • Q.Equinox
  • Floliving
  • BodyRock.TV
  • GirlsGoneStrong
  • OperationBeautiful

Empowerment and Security
As much as the world has progressed, it is still not a safe place for women. The daily news snippets of kidnappings, rapes, and molestation are a living proof. With the ever-increasing crime against women, it’s evident that they aren’t safe and that they need to be more vigilant and abler to protect themselves from sexual assault and domestic violence. For advice on these issues, 85 Broads and OSHA are some really helpful sites. Others are:

  • Dooce
  • EndViolenceAgainstWomen
  • Dofeve
  • AwakeningWoman
  • GeekFeminism
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

The websites included in this article were some of the best ones on the web and also those which are quite popular among women.

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