Boosting Wireless Router Signal Strength

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Boosting Wireless Router Signal Strength

There are many ways to boost the signal strength of a wireless router, and all of them are very easy and economical to administer. These methods will speed up your connection, and will restrict it from getting disconnected often.

By utilizing ways to boost the strength of the signal for a wireless router, you can improve the speed of Internet access, and can get rid of all the dead spots in your home or office. A weak signal will result in a faulty and bad connection, and this will affect your usage. Improving signal strength is not a difficult job by any means, and a few minor adjustments can help you receive the best connection possible.

Wireless routers usually work effectively over distances of about 100 feet, but sometimes their signal gets affected by the presence of some barriers in the way. Improving wireless network is a very real possibility in such a situation, and you can find a few ways for the same here.


It obviously helps if your router is positioned in a central place in your home. This will enable the signal and Internet access to reach all corners of the house. If your device is at one end of your home, you obviously cannot expect the signal strength to be maximum at the other end. Choosing the right spot is vitally important.


If you replace your standard antenna with a hi-gain antenna, you can boost wireless Internet signal. A hi-gain antenna sends out all the signals in one direction only, so this will be useful if your router is on an outer wall in your home. But if it is in a central location, sticking to an omni-directional standard antenna will be better. Visit a computer store for a wireless router antenna booster.


There are many objects that will cause interference in wireless networking, if they are situated near the router, or if they come in the way of your device. Improvement can be carried out successfully by ensuring that there are no metallic objects near the router, and there are no walls or floors between the devices that is receiving the signal. Any electronic devices present nearby will also affect the signal strength.

Wireless Repeater

This is one of the best things that you can use as a wireless router power booster. The ease of this device is further highlighted by the fact that it does not need to be connected anywhere, or configured with any device. All you need to do is place it between your router and the receiving device, and the signal strength will be stronger. You will be able to purchase a wireless repeater from any computer store with ease.

Computer Adapter

In some cases, the signal receptor in a computer is not strong enough or advanced enough. You can purchase a wireless network adapter and attach it to your computer in the USB mode to increase the signal strength that it receives.

Update Firmware

Manufacturers of routers and even the manufacturers of your computers operating system will regularly release firmware upgrades to improve the functionality of their products. You must visit their websites and make use of these updates to increase the signal strength to your computer. These updates are free of charge and take just a few minutes to carry out.

Upgrade to 802.11g

If you are using the older 802.11b standard of wireless routers, you should update to the newer 802.11g standard which is about five times faster than the older version 802.11b. By upgrading to this new standard, you are providing yourself an automatic wireless LAN signal booster. This new standard is backwards-compatible, so this means that all the equipment that you possess will still be useful.

All these methods are very effective, and can come in handy. If you employ all these means, you can be assured of very strong and reliable wireless signal.

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