Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display Reviews

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Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display Reviews

Owning a Bluetooth watch with caller ID display will allow you to see who is calling your phone right on the face of the watch, and some models will offer you plenty more call related features as well.

Technology is progressing at a tremendous rate today, and with every passing day, we see some new and innovative gadget hitting the market. One such gadget is the Bluetooth watch, and this is something that no one really envisaged, until recently. The one with caller ID display will show the phone number of an incoming call on your mobile phone, as long as the watch has been synced with the phone beforehand.

You can also use this in addition to a Bluetooth headset to answer the call. What this means is that you can look at the source of the incoming call on the watch, and then answer it through the headset, without even glancing at the mobile phone itself.

Whether this is simple laziness or an amazing benefit of technology, is open to debate, but what is certain is that this is a feature that was the stuff of sci-fi movies and books of the decades gone by. There are several such watches available on online shopping portals and some retail stores as well now, and all of them function on Bluetooth 2.0 technology, so they will definitely be compatible with the mobile phones that are in production today.

ThinkGeek Watches 2011

ThinkGeek is a shopping portal that offers some innovative and brilliant gadgets, and the Bluetooth watches that they offer will cost you around $79. This may look like a simple analog watch at the first glance, but there is a small 96×16 pixel OLED face in the lower portion of the watch, that actually displays the name of the person who is calling your mobile phone.

Obviously, you will need to sync this watch with your mobile phone first. You will also see a text message symbol on the watch when you receive a text message on your phone, and you also have the option to mute the phone’s ringer straight from the watch itself. You will also get a rechargeable battery, and the rest of the watch is just like any other analog wrist watch. The popularity of this device is sure to find this feature incorporated into luxury watch brands pretty soon as well.

MobileWear by Abacus Bluetooth Watch 2011

Here is another brand that offers the same features. With MobileWear’s Bluetooth watches, you have the option to choose between a leather strap or a metallic one, and it certainly looks more pricey than the ThinkGeek one. This watch actually vibrates on your wrist when an incoming call occurs, and it then shows you the name or the number of the caller on a small OLED display.

You can even recharge the battery through a USB port or universal adapter, and this battery will last for about 5 – 7 days on a single charge. The face of the watch is made of mineral glass, and it is even water resistant up to 3 feet in water. This watch will cost you around $99.

Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Classic Bluetooth Watch 2011

Those of you who are familiar with Amazon and their gadget offerings, must have surely seen this Bluetooth watch on the portal by now. Not only does it have all the features that the aforementioned watches possess, you can also use this watch to send calls to your voicemail account, and you can also control your music playback with the help of this awesome device.

Moreover, you can even change the in-call volume with the help of a small volume rocker on the side of the watch. There is an additional feature that lets you auto-pair the watch with your mobile phone with the touch of a button, as long as the Bluetooth on the phone is switched on. You will not even need to touch your phone for this purpose. The watch looks absolutely fantastic, and it will cost you around $99 as well.

After a careful search of several online portals, you will definitely come across many more such watches. There are many smaller companies that make such gadgets as well, but their performance cannot be guaranteed. The Bluetooth watches mentioned above will offer you the best features, the longest battery life, and the most affordable prices, so there is no need to look beyond them.

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