Best Xbox 360 RPG

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Best Xbox 360 RPG

The emergence of role playing video games has redefined gaming once for all. Let’s take a look at the best Xbox 360 RPG and find out what makes them stand apart from the rest!

We’ve all played role playing games sometime or the other, whether on our gaming consoles or on plain old pen and paper! Xbox brings you some intensely exciting role playing games, both single as well as multiplayer ones, which are sure to keep you glued to your remote control for long periods of time! RPGs are a great way to have fun while being involved in the plot at the same time! Also, the fact that you have the power to alter the course of the plot of most of these games means you are the master here – the game proceeds the way you want it to and not the other way round! Let us take a tour of some of the best RPG for Xbox 360 and find out what makes their claim of excellence valid!

Top 10 Xbox 360 Role-playing Games

Check out the following top Xbox 360 role-playing games of all time and read along to find out what makes them so special. Please note that the year of released, mentioned against each game title, corresponds to the time of their release in the North American market and may slightly vary for Asian and European markets. Also, the following games are mentioned in no specific order.

Lost Odyssey (2008) – USD 41*

Set against the background of a magic industrial revolution, this game is a sure shot winner among all RPG’s till date, qualifying even as Xbox’s answer to Final Fantasy! Great graphics, amazing music and astounding dream sequences give this RPG a permanent place among the best RPG ever!

Tales of Vesperia (2008) – USD 26*

An awesome JRPG for Xbox 360, the plot of Tales of Vesperia is set against the backdrop of a fictitious planet, Terca Lumireis. The plot incorporates many strong characters such as a prominent hero figure, a mage, a healer and a fighter. This RPG comes complete with phenomenal sound effects and great dialogs, besides relevant characters and has several enjoyable combat situations and fight sequences. All in all, a worthy inclusion in any gamer’s collection!

Mass Effect 2 (2010) – USD 15*

Mass Effect 2 takes up from the year 2183, several weeks ahead of where Mass Effect 1 ended. This single-player sci-fi RPG requires the player to assume the role of Commander Shepard, the chief protagonist of the game plot, and take decisions which are for the greater good. Shepard’s character and personality totally depends upon the individual player and different players can take the plot in a different direction based upon individual decision-making pattern! A great story coupled with awesome sound and graphics makes this RPG a trailblazer of sorts as well as rank among best Xbox 360 games of all time!

Fallout 3 (2008) – USD 18*

Set against a post apocalyptic Washington D.C., parts of Virginia and Maryland, this RPG takes you to the year 2277, which is two hundred years post a world war over resources, concluding in a nuclear holocaust in 2077. The current game scenario makes it clear that the characters either stay in special vaults to escape the lethal radiations of the war-torn wasteland or perish on venturing out! The plot setting is amazing coupled with huge scope for exploration. The V.A.T.S combats are absolutely exciting and near-perfect sounds and graphics guarantee to keep you hooked for a number of hours! No wonder this one shows up as a staple in all top Xbox 360 games lists!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006) – USD 17*

The plot for this game opens on the arrival of Uriel Septim VII, accompanied by “the Blades”, to the Imperial City prison, in a quest to flee the Mythic Dawn assassins. Oblivion is not a direct take off from where Morrowind ended but carries allusions to the events of the latter. This one’s a massive game which gives you a lot of options to explore the game topography as well as create individual characters. It also gives the player the option to play the game in either first or third person. The combat sequences are grandiose and perfectly executed and it’s absolutely thrilling to earn new weapons during the course of the fights! The quests are intriguing and exciting, which will guarantee to engage you for hours together!

Dark Souls (2011) – USD 22*

The most striking feature of this game is its duality – the plot is very basic and does not contain too many technical details while the difficulty level of the gameplay is pretty high. It is actually this combination of simple storyline and challenging gameplay that makes Dark Souls one of the most interesting role playing games ever. Clearing the hard levels by figuring out the implicit mechanics of the game makes playing it an extremely satisfying experience. If you’re a fan of the old school gaming tradition, where not every step is spoon-fed to the player(s), Dark Souls is just the game for you! Also, the audio-visual quality and effects of this game are great, giving a highly satisfying gaming experience as the player explores its vast universe.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2012) – USD 47*

The second installment starts off right from where the first part ends. Such continuity makes it easy for those who have played the first part to move ahead with the plot of the second one. As Geralt, the Witcher, proceeds on his mission to clear himself of the regicide charge, the player gets to explore the game universe, fight various monstrous entities and gain power by drinking magic potions throughout his quest. This game requires the player to take strategic decisions, as Geralt, at various points and these decisions decide the course of the game. Although the visual effects of the Xbox version doesn’t match up to those of the PC version of this game, Witcher 2 is still worth having in your collection.

Infinite Undiscovery (2008) – USD 16*

A full-on action RPG, Infinite Undiscovery hasn’t garnered the kind of attention that the others in this list have. However, that doesn’t go on to say that it is a bad game. However, it could have been a lot more gripping, in terms of plot progression and gameplay, than it actually is. The reason why I am including Infinite Undiscovery among the top 10 Xbox 360 RPGs is because it has a very interesting storyline which, albeit covering the conventional “aimless do-gooder finds a mission, kicks some serious ass on his/her way to victory” premises, has a somewhat fresh take on the way the characters shape up and step up to their roles. Since it is a role-playing game, the player needs to take decisions at key levels of the game which determine the direction it takes. The story and characters, alone, are reasons enough to give this game a try!

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2009) – USD 14*

Awesome graphics and engaging cutscenes are the highlights of this game, along with an interesting storyline. This is a Japanese RPG and it is available in versions with English voice acting. However, the voice-over work is not stellar by any means and this, in a way, becomes a sore spot in the entire gaming experience. Apart from this, the game itself is well worth the player’s time and efforts as the plot progresses at a decent pace and the game universe offers the player a lot of action-packed moments.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning (2012) – USD 32*

Different players would have different degrees of inclination towards this game’s storyline – while some would find it highly entertaining and engaging, others may be put off by some bumps and seams along the flow of the narrative. However, as far as the gameplay is concerned, the incredibly pleasant audio-visual appeal of the magnificent game environment and the masterfully crafted combat sequences have been applauded unanimously by the Xbox gaming community. This game is an ambitious attempt towards raising the bar for game designing and art direction and is, as such, definitely worth having in your collection.

These are the best of the best RPGs that have ever existed in the Xbox gaming scene. Other honorable mentions include Eternal Sonata, Fable II, Blue Dragon, Resonance of Fate, Arcania: Gothic 4, Dragon Age: Origins, Two Worlds II, Infinite Undiscovery, Final Fantasy XIII, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Magna Carta 2, The Last Remnant, Bastion, Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, Torchlight, Dungeon Siege III, Enchanted Arms and Robert Ludlum’s: The Bourne Conspiracy among others. Do check these out if you haven’t yet!

*The prices mentioned in this article are approximate and may vary for different retailers/online stores.

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