Best Universal Remote

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Best Universal Remote

If you are looking for the best universal remote available in the market, this article will be a helpful read. I present reviews of some of the best products in the market.

A universal remote, as its name suggests, is your all in one solution for multiple electronic devices, that can be remotely controlled through it. With consumer electronic gadgets and appliances multiplying in households, there was a proliferation of remote control devices. One had to use three to four remote control devices to operate three to four separate devices. This remote type was invented to replace all these with one single all controlling entity. It enables you to flip TV channels, control the home theater system, operate the DVD player, and other devices with the same remote.

Universal Remote: Reviews

Buy one of these top rated remote control devices to eliminate and banish the clutter of remote controls in your living room.

Logitech Harmony One

The Logitech Harmony One is one of the best by virtue of its unmatched features. With a capability to control 15 devices at a time, this is the highest rated Logitech product. It has an LCD touch screen control with a web guided setup and has a maximum operating distance of 65 feet. Users rate it highly for the comfort in usage enabled by the touch screen display.

It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and includes a USB cable, power adapter and charging station as accessories. Broadcasting through infrared frequencies, the only minus point is an absence of RF compatibility. The price at which this product is offered is $200 on an average, which makes it substantially expensive. This is one of the best remote controls for dish network programming. It is also used for direcTV remote control programming.

Logitech Harmony 900

Offered at a price of $360 on average, this is by far, the best remote on offer in the market currently. Unlike Harmony One, Logitech Harmony 900 has radio and infrared broadcasting which greatly enhances its utility. With an ability to control 15 devices at a time, it is powered by a lithium ion battery with a charging station, USB cable, 2 power adapters and 4 infra red transmitters. It has a sleek design with touch screen functionality. Set up is web based and quite smooth.

Digital (URC) R50

With the capability to control 18 devices simultaneously the URC R50 is one of the best of the whole lot. Multidevice macro programming, back lit keypad and a superbright screen are some of the good features of this device. It doesn’t require a computer connection to run setup and is quite inexpensive with a $90 price tag. In fact it is the best remote under 100 bucks. The only reported minus point is a difficulty in programming by first time users.

Monster Cable Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300

This is a user-friendly device with radio, as well as infra red capability, rechargeable lithium ion battery, backlit keys and a dedicated button for lighting control. With an operating distance of 130 feet, it has the capability to support all kinds of audio video devices. I think it is a bit overpriced at $250, but does the job well.

Digital (URC) R6

At just $20, this is the most basic and inexpensive universal remote control, that you could buy. It controls six devices and is very easy to set up. It is the best remote for DirecTV.

Ease of use and programming, coupled with multiple device compatibility are the factors that you should pay close attention to while buying. Choose whichever offers the best tradeoff between functionality and cost.

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