Best MP3 Player Reviews

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Best MP3 Player Reviews

There are many good MP3 players available in the market, which confuses people as to which is the best one. Their ratings are mostly evaluated by the reviews from reliable sources. Let’s discuss in this article about who makes the best MP3 player.

Buying an MP3 player is surely puzzling, and one has to make up his mind by referring to various reviews, guides, and tech forums available on the Internet. In reality, no one knows which is the best MP3 player. A person may buy one, use it for several years without any problems, and finally consider it as one of the best. It principally depends upon the use. MP3 players are generally rated by studying their features and the responses from consumers all over the world. Moreover, the best MP3 players may be rated according to their craze and reputation in the market.

Who Makes the Best MP3 Player

As of now, Sony Corporation is the leader in manufacturing quality MP3 players, followed by Apple, Inc. However, there are many other companies which are in the league of manufacturing good ones; such as Microsoft Corporation, Creative Technology, Philips, Cowon, Samsung, etc.

The strong point about Sony ‘Walkman’ MP3 players is that they are incorporated with Sony’s trademark bass technology which provides rich and enhanced bass thumps that gives the listener a perfect sound experience. Sony is considered as the ‘King of Sound and Music’. It’s Sony’s advanced engineering technology such as ‘MegaBass’ which gives it this position. You need to note that Sony Walkman MP3 players do not have the MegaBass feature, as found in Walkman phones from the brand. However, the bass in Walkman players is more than sufficient for an uncompromised thump.

Apple is also one of the best manufacturers of MP3 players. But it doesn’t tag their MP3 players as ‘MP3 players’, but has a trademark name ‘iPod’ given to all their players. Apple iPods have become a craze nowadays. The only thing that iPods lack in is the feature of manually setting the equalizer. However, Apple, Inc. has a trademark technology known as ‘Multi-Touch’ which is incorporated in iPod touch (informally known as the iTouch). The company has greatly been benefited by this technology which has attracted thousands of tech-savvy music enthusiasts. Moreover, the company is also known to provide huge memory space in their MP3 players.


This is a newly launched model by Sony Corporation that has a 3-inch OLED touchscreen, memory capacity of 32 gigs, built-in WiFi, S-Master digital amplifier and a digital noise canceling function. It also has the finger-touch technology which is similar to that used in the iPod touch. It provides around 33 hours of continuous music playback and approximately nine hours of video playback. It’s priced at $400, which may be the reason for many potential buyers to drop their plan of buying this product. However, a 16-gig variant is also available for about $300.

Apple iPod Classic 120GB

The predecessor of this product was one with 160 gigs of storage capacity. Apple has stopped manufacturing the 160 gig version, and has come up with this model. This is a product which is well known for its sound quality and also the storage capacity. It has a 2.5-inch screen which views photos as well as videos very well. The reviews from users all around the world certainly are on the positive side for this iPod. It is priced at around $250.

Apple iPod nano

This is another iPod which comes in 8-gig and 16-gig variants, and with several beautiful colors to choose from. This iPod has become famous for its decent memory capacity, inexpensive price, good sound quality, and physical characteristics. The starting price is somewhere around $150.

Microsoft Zune 120GB

This MP3 player is a tough competitor to the Apple iPod 120GB due to its memory capacity. Along with excellent audio quality, it has got a 3.2-inch color screen, WiFi facility, and a smooth design. It is available in the market for around $250.

Apple iPod touch

This is an iPod which is incorporated with the trademark ‘Multi-Touch’ technology which allows users to navigate around using their fingertips. It has a huge 3.5-inch widescreen to enjoy a full video experience. It is available in 8,16, and 32-gig models with a price of around $230, $300, and $400 respectively. This is surely a serious choice for music freaks who demand advanced technology along with the best sound output.

There are many simple MP3 players, which along with good sound quality provide ‘easy-to-use’ features at an inexpensive price. Some of them are SanDisk Sansa Clip and Fuze, Sony NWZ-B135F, Philips GoGear, Apple iPod shuffle, etc.

For finding out which is the top-rated MP3 player, one may have to refer to best MP3 player reviews, and carry out a detailed MP3 player comparison on the Internet and also through available brochures at stores.

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