Best Mind Mapping Software

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Best Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software facilitate effective brainstorming by allowing one to analyze, record, and summarize information in a clear manner to solve problems. This article provides information on such applications.

Mind mapping is a very useful technique, when it comes to organizing and structuring information. It is a very effective tool, especially making decisions and solving problems is rendered difficult as one is dealing with a large amount of information. It allows one to process information in logical, sequential, and analytical manner.

In a bird’s-eye view, the problem solving in a human brain may appear as a race between the right brain and the left brain. While the left side of brain is inching towards the solution after analyzing every fact available to it, the right side of the brain relies on creativity and intuition to come up with an idea revealing the heart of the problem.

The individuals who use the left side of their brain more, are good at analyzing detailed information and solving problems logically and systematically, whereas those who use the right side of the brain more, learn through exploration rather than logic. It is believed that a person has excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills, when the right and left brain work in tandem.

The concept of cognitive mind mapping comes to our aid in managing both sides of our brain. Its function depends on representing the concepts of the problem as facts and figures and establishing logical links between them. An individual can let his imagination roam and roll however he wants, but when an idea is fished, it is linked at the appropriate place in the design and thus, logicality and step-by-step approach in solving the problem at hand is achieved.

Mind Mapping Applications

These applications can be bought or downloaded for free from the Internet. If you are going to use one of these in your school or college studies, then you may consider downloading a free software for your use.

Map Myself

With this program, an individual can create mind maps that resemble a tree root system. This free web-based application can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, and it incorporates Microsoft SilverLight 3.0 technology.


Dabbleboard is an application that can be used by individuals from different types of fields. Along with its use for solving a problem, it can also be used for creating flow charts, UI mockups, organization charts, EE diagrams, and network diagrams. With the help of this software, information-packed floor plans and mark-up pictures can be created.

Edraw Mind Map 4.0

Edraw Mind Map v4.0 is yet another application. The drawing tools provided with this program help you represent thoughts with figures. It becomes easier to brainstorm a problem as the clutter of thoughts reduce, once the process progresses.


Freemind is a java-based program that can be installed on any computer system. This application is also compatible with the MAC operating system, and is a good choice for MAC users.

iThoughts HD

iThoughts HD is made for those who have outgrown desktops. It helps iPad users in creating dynamic maps. iThoughts HD is the leading mind mapping application on the Apple platform. It can also be used with the iPhone and iPod.

All these applications give us an opportunity to get a better view of the problem at hand and solve it with the help of a few tips. It really depends on the user to decide which one of these is the best for him or her.

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