Best iPhone Apps for Women

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Best iPhone Apps for Women

There is an iPhone app for everything under the sun these days, and they undoubtedly make our lives easy. More so for the multitasking queens, who definitely need a helping hand with the long list of things to do at a time. What follows is a list of the best iPhone apps which will make the busiest woman run the show with effortless ease…

A girl on the move needs to be dressed for the occasion, make work presentations, cook gourmet meals on the spur, run errands all around town, do Pilates and still look fabulous at the end of the day. With her trusted iPhone for company, she’s never bound to feel helpless while on duty, as she runs through the day with ease. Technology hardly makes women squirm anymore, so it is unlikely to come across a woman who simply uses an iPhone as just a phone. With so many things to do, and with very little time on hand, the iPhone is nothing short of a lifesaver.

When it came down to looking for apps that make a woman happy, (a mammoth task to begin with) all that I kept coming across dealt with baby-care or pregnancy, styling tips, designer garbs, French cooking, and of course a long list of apps which offered to help me thin down. But the fact that I am a woman made me stop right there before assuming that this is all there is to being a woman, that our world revolves around babies, grooming and cooking. Feminist rantings apart, there are sure to be a lot of things that interest you as a person, and not necessarily as a woman. Which is the reason why I’ve taken the liberty to add a category of apps that I believe will delight you, because they sure did make me feel nice.

So here is a list of iPhone applications that are sure to come to your aid when you wish to create magic in your kitchen, or if you want to experiment with color blocking, or save money on your workout program, or perhaps, just make you happy.

Apps for Moms

Pregnancy (Sprout) App

To begin with, here’s something for the mom-to-be. The Sprout app is the last word in pregnancy tracking. An immensely popular app, Sprout is highly recommended for pregnant women, as it has been designed with inputs from doctors and new mothers. Its two most important features include a due date calendar and 3D ultrasound pictures of the baby at different stages. It also provides vital information regarding the baby’s growth, along with name pickers, weight trackers, newborn essentials, and several other useful features.
Cost: $3.99| Size: 59.3 MB

Super Mom Workout

This app is perfect for all moms, hands-on or otherwise, who are looking to shed that post-pregnancy weight. The workouts mentioned here target specific problem areas and can be easily incorporated into your daytime chores. The presenter, Brandy, has worked in the field of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, and is a supermom herself. Download this app and stop thinking about spending a fortune on gym memberships that you honestly know you wouldn’t be using.
Cost: $ 0.99| Size: 357 MB

Shopper – Pro

The Shopper app makes a personalized shopping list for you, which even allows your family members to put in stuff they want you to buy while you’re out shopping. The good thing about it is that it categorizes items so that you don’t find yourself going back and forth in a particular section while you’re in the supermarket. Yes, it allows you to add costs of items, use store coupons and create different store-specific lists.
Cost: $ 0.99|Size: 7.1 MB

Apps for Food

Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout

There are times when a woman just needs to relax at the end of a tiring day and still wants to enjoy a gourmet meal. The Seamless app is perfect to satisfy all those food cravings that plague people with pitiable cooking skills, or people who are too tired to cook, or people who’d, well, just rather have their meals delivered. Seamless operates in several cities and if you happen to live in one of those, consider yourself blessed.
Cost: Free| Size: 5.3 MB

Drinks and Cocktails

Why would we want to restrict the recommendations to just food when we have the Drinks and Cocktails app? Find endless cocktail recipes of varying complexities by simply entering names or even their ingredients. The recipes featured here are easy to understand and execute, minus the loaded bartender-speak.
Cost: Free| Size: 2.8 MB

Apps for Fashion


This app takes you through all the photos featured on the top fashion and styling blogs. Chicfeed is what a fashionista needs when she’s looking for inspiration or during those rare moments of doubt. Take your time as you browse through endless images that lets you perfect your look for work or play.
Cost: Free| Size: 1.2 MB

Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl is a true friend to every girl who wants to be a natty dresser and that includes virtually every girl on the planet. With this app, you get to co-ordinate your outfits, mix and match in a jiffy, and even organize the contents of your travel bag if you’re planning a trip. The Fashion District section allows you to shop for clothes and accessories, and there are several interesting articles by like-minded fashion fans to read for fun.
Cost: Free| Size: 6.6 MB

Apps for Beauty


When it comes to makeup tips and hair styling trends, Beautylish is the place to be. This app gives you instructional videos on makeup application and hair styling that are easy to follow and has an exhaustive section dedicated to reviews on cosmetics. You also get to post all your beauty queries to their experts, and yes, you do get a reply in return.
Cost: Free| Size: 4.1 MB

Apps for Health


The WebMD app comes in handy for all those niggling health-related worries that trouble you. Their Symptom Checker allows you to understand the causes behind them and lets you decide if you need immediate medical consultation. You can get detailed information on drugs and medication and learn about possible side effects and warnings. There is a section on First Aid Essentials as well.
Cost: Free| Size: 14.4 MB

Period Tracker

The Period Tracker app comes in two versions, the lite and the deluxe, both of which are very user-friendly. Put an end to all the speculation regarding your next period as this app helps you predict it fairly accurately. What’s more, it tracks your fertile days and all the symptoms associated with your cycle in a monthly format. It is a discreet app that can be customized and locked.
Lite Version: Free| Size: 12.0 MB

The deluxe version includes a pregnancy mode, which runs a countdown to your due date. The creators have fixed several bugs in this version that have improved the functionality.
Deluxe Version: $ 1.99| Size: 19.0 MB

Lose It!

Inspiring for the woman wanting to shed some weight, ‘Lose It!’ keeps track of the calories and nutrients in your food and helps you manage your weight efficiently. Pair it up with a regular exercise regime and monitor your diet with this app. You can choose to share your success with your friends via Facebook or Twitter or keep it private.
Cost: Free| Size: 13.8 MB

Apps for Fitness


The Yoga STRETCH app acts as your friendly Yoga instructor. If you’re familiar with this form of exercise, you can personalize your sessions. There are several pre-designed sessions for beginners as well. Audio instructions are also available along with these sessions if you wish to have them. Clear instructions and images accompany each pose which makes this a user-friendly app indeed.
Cost: $ 0.99| Size: 23.1 MB

Nike Training Club

Another fantastic app that lets you personalize your workout, the Nike Training Club saves you a lot of money that you’d otherwise spend on hiring a fitness trainer. Instructions are available, which make the workouts easy to follow, and music settings are included too. An easy interface, with several exercise drills, this app classifies as a must-have.
Cost: Free| Size: 616 MB

Apps for Travel


TripIt, in a word is the best travel buddy you could ever think of. You just need to enter your trip details, and it gives you a fabulous itinerary in return. It takes into account thousands of travel booking sites that include hotel reservations, restaurants, sight-seeing and more. With TripIt, you have a faithful travel companion wherever you choose to go.
Costs: Free| Size: 12.2 MB

HearPlanet (Lite)

This app is your local tour guide (sans the accent), that takes you around the coolest places in the city you’ve chosen to visit. With 300,000 locations included in their database, you’re sure to find your travel destination in it, so rest assured that the next time you’re in a new city, the ‘what-do-I-do-now’ thought will never cross your mind.
Cost: Free| Size: 3.1 MB

Smart Traveler

Being a U.S. Department of State app, this gives you comprehensive details about any international destination you choose to travel to. It includes valuable information regarding safety tips, warnings, U.S. embassy locations and maps. An added feature is that it allows you to access the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), that provides assistance during emergency situations.
Cost: Free| Size: 1.0 MB

Try These Apps

The Moron Test

One of the coolest gaming apps, The Moron Test has a series of puzzles that are immensely addictive. Its five categories contain seemingly easy puzzles that are surprisingly hard to solve. A far cry from those dowdy IQ tests, this is a fun way to stop being a moron.
Cost: $ 0.99| Size: 28.1 MB

Virtual Water

We’re all aware of the manner in which we are thoughtlessly plundering our natural resources, with water being the most misused of the entire lot. This precious app gives you details about the actual amount of water used in making our food and beverages. The results, at times, will outrage you, only to make you review your water consumption, and be more careful the next time you turn the tap on.
Cost: $1.99| Size: 5.7 MB


Wikipedia is possibly our best friend on the web, and accessing it on your iPhone becomes convenient with the Wikipanion app. So just tap into it for whatever information you need, without a big search engine. And just like the original Wikipedia, this app has no advertisements and can be accessed in several languages.
Costs: Free| Size: 3.2 MB


As the name suggests, the GoodGuide app helps you preserve your passion – be it environmental awareness, animal rights or health guidelines. With the GoodGuide app, you simply have to scan a product’s bar code and get the information on its social standing. You’ll be able to check if the product of your choice matches up to your standards and keep your passion alive.
Cost: Free| Size: 11.5 MB

Check Out These Apps Too…

These iPhone apps were featured here keeping the needs of an average woman in mind. However, there is an app for pretty much anything these days, so it’s going to be really hard for this list to stay the same. Do get back to us with the apps that shouldn’t have featured here along with the ones which you love.

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